Which Of These L.A. Noire Faces Says 'Guilty' To You?

These are interrogation scenes from 1940s detective game L.A. Noire, the next big thing from the makers of Grand Theft Auto. Can you tell just by looking at the faces, the body language of these suspects who has something to hide?

Rockstar Games is forgoing the violent, visceral impact of beating a confession out of a suspect in L.A. Noire for something more subtle. Even they admit this is "strange interesting stuff" that could go over most video gamers heads.


    Looks good. Sounds really interesting.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing L.A Noir push the boundaries even further in gaming and immersion. Hope the rest of it meets the lofty expectations.

    "...detective game L.A. Noire, the next big thing from the makers of Grand Theft Auto."

    But it's being made by Team Bondi :(

    How do we let these guys know this, it's a bit irritating to see Team Bondi getting little to no credit.

      They did the same thing with Red Dead Redemption, it said "by the makers of Grand Theft Auto" When quite clearly it was not the same people.

        Whilst you're half right, you're also half wrong. Rockstar San Diego is a developer team owned by Rockstar Games. Rockstar North, the true developers of GTA if you want to get technical, assisted in the making - but yes, RDR was created by the makers of Midnight Club and well... Table tennis?

        All the same company in the end.

        Team Bond however, is its own. An Australian company also. As an Australian gamer I want to see more Team Bondi more for obvious reasons - its being developed locally. It's not owned by Rockstar and only published.

        What peeved me off was articles speaking about the new technology for the facial expressions. Team Bondi's name was mentioned once and after that all Rockstar who are clearly hardly, if not, responsible for any of it.

    I'm pretty sure Rockstar Games made Grand Theft Auto, where as Team Bondi made L.A. Noire. The only connection here is L.A. Noire is PUBLISHED by Rockstar, which is like saying the same people that made "G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra" for Wii are the same people that made "Mass Effect 2". Same publisher means very little.

      I can see why they are spinning it in that way - Gives the game a much higher profile to use the Rockstar name, leading to more sales. Team Bondi aren't exactly a well-known game studio. Hopefully, they will be after LA Noire is released!

    Well considering this is set in the USA in the 1940s, clearly the guy in the bottom picture is guilty.

    Well we don't know how much Rockstar has a hand in development I mean I think I heard one of the Houser's was lending a hand in development. Also remember this game was announced by Rockstar half a decade ago, they can push the Team Bondi into doing whatever they want.

    I guess the problem with this type of 'work-out-who's-lying' game, is the fact that they're all lying. After all, I take it that none of them have actually murdered anyone. Their facial expressions come down to acting ability and that will always be subjective.

    It's just a gimmick. In real life, people are surprisingly good actors and will say and do almost anything to deflect attention from themselves. And there's no way this technology is going to be precise enough for someone to discern innocence.

    The only way I think they can pull it off is by giving the suspects REALLY obvious tells, or have them overact like

    -Mr A begins picking his nose every time he's divulging information. Oh gee, wonder what this could mean.

    -Mr B gets unusually flustered and starts talking about unicorns and sweating like a pig every time something suspicious comes along.

    There's no way this can be nuanced enough to matter. They're making this for gamers, not psychoanalysts, have no doubt it WILL be dumbed down.

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