While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping was a well-received romantic comedy starring the luminous Sandra Bullock and the irrepressible Bill Pullman.

It’s also the name of a regular section here at Kotaku, where we round up all the best news coming in overnight, to save you trawling down the page for an excuse to not start work. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

I can totally vouch for this story - I spent a good amount of time playing Dead Space on the iPad, and I was pretty blown away by the quality of the product - on all levels.

Zynga continues to play up to its evil corporate image, these Street Fighters swap genders for a while, this is why the Nintendo 3DS is the anti-Game Boy, and this is everything you need to know about Pokemon in two minutes.

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    Hey Mark... how's this:

    "Whilst you were sleeping was not a film in which the irrepressible Bill Pullman played an embattled US President and former fighter pilot. A film in which he was called upon during humanities darkest hour, to re-enter the cockpit of an FA18... and fire the missile that brought down an alien cruiser. Bringing hope to the nations of Earth. His speech to the pilots of the US Air Force in this film was one of the highlights of modern cinema, and one of the greatest efforts in political speech-writing".

    You could change it up every week...
    Spaceballs, Independence Day, Lake Placid, Zero Effect, Casper, Sleepless in Seattle, Igby Goes Down, Sommersby, Ruthless People... etc.

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