While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping was a well-received romantic comedy starring the luminous Sandra Bullock and the irrepressible Bill Pullman.

It’s also the name of a regular section here at Kotaku, where we round up all the best news coming in overnight, to save you trawling down the page for an excuse to not start work. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

In the wake of Nintendo World, it's still all about the 3DS. There are a host of vids now on the site if you have a scroll back, but this is possibly our favourite. In addition to the vids, Nintendo boss-man Satoru Iwata is standing by his warning about the excessive use of the 3DS, despite doctors claiming that using the device may actually be beneficial.

We've had Wii injuries - now some idiot has broken bones playing Kinect! And, speaking of Kinect, a new hack allows players to bring the real world into Minecraft.

Finally, your Uncharted movie nightmares are coming true.


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