Who Wants Sarah Palin's Xbox 360 Autograph Anyway?

People might want the Alaska politician-cum-celebrity's autograph, but maybe just not on an Xbox 360. Ask David Morrill, who apparently spent the last two years trying to sell one.

For the past two years, an Xbox 360 purportedly signed by Palin has wasted away on eBay. CNBC noticed that the Sarah-signed console reappeared online in late 2009 after it popped up that August. The reserve price started at $US1.1 million.

The seller was David Morrill, who drove from his home in Edmonton to a then-Governor Palin's picnic in Wasilla. A picture of Palinsigning the Xbox 360 appears on what's apparently the Alaska Governor's Picasa Web.

"I pushed and shoved my way to the front of the line," Morrill wrote on eBay. "I told Sarah Palin that I had travelled 3 days to see her, she asked my name and said that the XBOX 360 was the most extravagant thing she had ever been asked to sign."

Morrill claimed it was "one of the greatest thrills" of his life. Such a big thrill, he's been trying to pawn off the console on eBay for a cool million. (A bit about Morril: the Canadian enjoys rocking out the Daft Punk on his harp.)

Spotted by Reddit and political site Wonkette, the console was apparently still up on eBay as of yesterday for an auction ending on January 18. It had zero bids (currently, however, the item is not available).

Be still, my beating heart. [Reddit via http://www.mediaite.com/online/got-a-million-dollars-lying-around-then-buy-an-xbox-signed-by-sarah-palin/">Mediaite via Wonkette][Pic]


    A million bucks? Tell him he's dreaming.

    The blokes dreaming. Wait until she's dead then it might be worth that 1.1 million he's after (Not bloody likely)

    I would buy it for a millionth of the asking price

    I'd buy it for the laughs, but certainly not for the mil he wants. $100-$200 maybe.

    Daft Punk... on his harp!?

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