Who’s Claiming They Have The ‘Avatar’ Of 3D Video Games?

Who’s Claiming They Have The ‘Avatar’ Of 3D Video Games?

Crysis 2 makers Crytek do, saying that they’ve created “a benchmark 3D implementation” with their upcoming sci-fi shooter, one they’re likening to James Cameron’s billion dollar blockbuster Avatar. But what does James Cameron think?

According to an interview with Crytek’s Cevat Yerli in the Edge magazine, Cameron loves him some Crysis 2. Yerli believes that “[Cameron’s]eyes are trained for 3D more than anyone else’s, and that makes me confident that we have a super-high-end 3D experience on all formats”.

I wonder if the makers of Avatar: The Video Game take issue with Yerli’s opinion of his own game.

Crysis 2 will release on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in late March, so we can experience this stereoscopic 3D benchmark for ourselves.

Crytek: James Cameron Loves Crysis 2 [Edge]


  • I find it weird how everyone ignores the fact that stereoscopic 3D is possible on many old games such as Crysis and even CoD4 (on PC).

  • Aren’t everyones eyes trained for 3d?

    I know I’ve been seeing the real world in 3 dimensions for nearly 30 years now.

    Also, the comparison to Avatar just killed the interest I had in this game.
    An overhyped piece of overlong crap… in a medium a lot of people cannot see? Sounds awesome.

    • I’m guessing he means his eyes are trained for ‘3d on a 2d screen’.

      Being that it’s an illusion he’s helped re-invent.

      I heard him say that he thinks that the 3d improves the emotional response from the audience, as well as the visuals.

      A claim I am not so sure about..

  • I really would rather play Crysis back in a forest, gotta say. Anyone else think the city environment is just an obvious attempt on Cryteam’s part to keep the environment complexity down, with lower-powered consoles like 360 and PS3 in mind?

    BTW, I had EDimensional glasses way back in 2001, played Clive Barker’s Undying with those things. I don’t know if it was made with sterescopic glasses in mind, but even back then the depth of that game was flawless. Other games like Quake 3, I simply couldn’t get to look good, but Undying was fantastic.

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