Why The Razer Onza Might Be The Better Xbox 360 Gamepad

Why The Razer Onza Might Be The Better Xbox 360 Gamepad

Hardware maker Razer is getting into the console game with the Razer Onza, the Xbox 360 gamepad that might make you want to dump the official Microsoft version.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the Onza is its analogue sticks with adjustable resistance—a feature exclusive to the “Tournament Edition” of the deluxe controller—but the programmable shoulder buttons and the “Hyperesponse” XYAB action buttons might make this the better Xbox 360 gamepad. (It also works on the PC, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose gamepad.)

There are two versions of the Onza, one with adjustable analogue sticks, rubberized grip and backlit buttons (the Tournament Edition), and one without those two features (the Standard Edition). Razer’s Kendall walks us through the best the Onza has to offer at CES in the video above.


  • Interesting. I’ve had a bad run with Razer products though so I am a little turned off by it being Razer which is a shame =(

  • I like the idea of more buttons on the bumper, especially if it means I don’t have to use the buttons on the sticks.

  • The bumpers were a great idea, same goes to the D-pad and analog hardware sensitivity. All of them I like about that controller, very nifty, could use it in some of my PC games. Too bad there’s no PS3 one that I know of, could really use this for Killzone 2 🙁

    • Perhaps the new leak (that ultra master key) from the PS3 will allow for someone to enable xbox controller support.

      Unless ofcourse you want all of these features on a PS3 shaped controller. No idea why you’d want that though…

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