Will Nintendo And Hollywood Get It Right This Time?

Will Nintendo And Hollywood Get It Right This Time?

While Hollywood and Nintendo haven’t exactly hit it off (remember that Super Mario Bros movie?), that doesn’t mean Tinseltown is soured on Nintendo. It’s totally excited about the 3DS.

In a recent roundtable (via Edge), Nintendo present Satoru Iwata talked about how excited Hollywood was about the Nintendo 3DS. “When we show Nintendo 3DS to people in Hollywood, they’re intensely interested,” Iwata said. “I think lots of people would be happy if they could watch things like 3D movie trailers on their Nintendo 3DS.” Imagine that, 3D movie piped from movie studios directly on your handheld without the need of those dorky glasses. No wonder, they’re excited. But should you be?

At last year’s E3, Kotaku pointed out that the 3DS is capable of playing Hollywood movie trailers, writing, “I checked out a trailer for one and was as impressed as I am when I watch a Real 3D movie. Which is to say, not very. The 3D feels painted on, used to highlights bits of the screen, certain objects, but not to create an entirely 3D experience. But that’s not the fault of the 3DS or Nintendo, that’s all up to the movie makers.” So, it sounds more thumbs down than thumbs up.

With 3D all the rage in Hollywood, the movie business is poised to descend on the Nintendo handheld as an outlet for its movie trailers. In Japan, television networks are already moving in to broadcast cooking programs and bikini shows. Will the 3D movie experience on the 3DS be another Super Mario Bros. movie or will Hollywood finally get it right this time?

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