Win! A DSi XL And A Copy Of Ghost Trick

Ghost Trick is coming out this Thursday and, as huge fans of the Ace Attorney series, we're pretty excited. Thanks to THQ we've got a DSi XL and five copies of the game to give away.

Ghost Trick has an interesting twist - as the protagonist, you are already dead. The only way in which you can interact with the real world is by possessing inanimate objects. In each level, you arrive four minutes before a victim is about to meet their doom and it is your job to somehow prevent that from happening by manipulating the objects you 'possess'. It's an awesome concept, and an excellent game.

Winning is simple - this is one of those fast and furious comps. All you need to do is tell us in the comments below which inanimate object you'd like to come back to life as? For those who like to chuck in multiple entries, that's fine, but no more than three entries per person please!

Go nuts folks - entries close Wednesday at midnight, and we'll announce the winners on Thursday when the game is released.

EDIT: Remember we're a classy bunch - let's keep it relatively clean, the Hendricks bra one was funny, and Kardashian's toilet seat was close to the bone, but let's not take it much further than that! We aren't GameFAQs!


    I would come back to life as Christina Hendricks' bra. It wouldn't do a damn thing to save anyone's life, but I don't care.

      Think of all that weight you would have to support though... you'd get mad cramps.

        A burden that I solemnly am willing to bear.



    This isn't my entry, i'll do that later when i'm thinking :P

    On a side note, Chris Hastings (of Dr. McNinja fame), did up a little extra comic based on this game. It was awesome.

    Before i had never heard of the game, but after this all i could think of was "It may not have ninjas, but i must obtain this game!!"

    Best of luck to everyone :)

    kim kardashians toilet seat... nuff said

      Her toilet seat? I'd rather have her shower nozzle, personally. I don't need to see/hear anything that involves her toilet seat.

    A Ukulele thanks! Yay!

    Hi Mark,

    2 questions... how inanimate, and how clean do our answers have to be?

      I don't think we want to take any darker or farther than Kim Kardashian's toilet seat!

        As soon as I read the details I thought:
        "This is going to get bad".
        I scrolled down and saw the Hendricks bra comment and thought:
        "Well, that was faster than usual".

        well he did say go nuts...

    I'd come back as a Dumpster. I'd just sit there all day and people would feed me, and at night a homeless man can sleep in me. Every so often a woman might go through me to find her wedding ring and sometimes I'll recieve free mobile phones or empty stolen wallets. Ahh the life of a Dumpster, you don't have to go anywhere and the world just comes to you...

      Watch until the very end, at about 2:50. You may want to rethink that.

      I'd be a boulder...
      Just laying there, in the sun, nice and warm, never getting burnt, all day... doing nothing, it would be great.

        Ahhhh yeah, just sittin there relaxin'. Maybe a lizard might come up to say hi and if he's feeling up to it, he might come and nuzzle into you for the afternoon and share the sun with you.

        Just sitting in the sun, watching the time go by...

    how about Slash's (gun 'n' roses) guitar.... that would sweet

    The tin that holds a cheesecake. I would literally be surrounded be cheesecake, for the rest of my tin-life.

    As a Nintendo DSi, obviously. So I can have all those cartridges being slotted into me. It would be like the Matrix, except with games.

    "I know Kung Fu... and Bufu, Skill Pins, etc... Pity I can't use them as I'M A DS. AUGH."

    I would come back as a container of magnetic letters. Think of the fridge pranks!

    Also, in keeping with the theme of the comp, I would say:

    But I'd just be kidding, it's a butter knife (it is the fridge in the kitchen after all)

    I would also come back as the suitcase from Pulp Fiction. It's pretty obvious why.

    Jessica Alba's mirror. I would NEVER get sick of seeing her naked.

    A club sandwich; delicious to the end, and capable of granting immense joy.

    -Lightsaber. Cut people up!

    -Aeroplane. "We have some unexplained turbulence...oh yeah, and we're upside down."

    -The Sun. "Burrrrrp. Oop, didn't mean to destroy Venus. Sorry."

    Any electronics's power button - so I can be constantly turned on.

    I'd like to be reincarnated as a light bulb so I'd have no shortage of great ideas.

    OMG MARK, You're a legend! I ask for a comp where you can win a DS and you give me one!!!

    ... oh wait... I still have to win... DAMN! xD

    ENTRY 1 - If I could come back as an inanimate object, I'd come back as 2 tins, so I could call myself "tin tin".

    ENTRY 2 - If I could come back as an inanimate object, I'd come back as the sun. I'd totally freak people out when I wake up late one day.

    ENTRY 3 - If I could come back as an inanimate object, I'd come back as Nicole Kidman's face.

    Entry 3 is my favourite. I laughed at it even though it's evil >:D

    Mark. I believe in you. You want to give me that DS! xD

    Long live MISSILE!

    (cutest little doggie in a game yet imo)

    I would come back to life as 'THE Internet', that's right THE Internet, everybody loves me and I would get to live on top of Big Ben.

      And you'd be wireless and blessed by "The Hawk" himself.

    Entry No 1 - Inanimate Carbon Rod

    These babies can do anything, they can win "Worker Of The Week" and they can even save you from burning up returning to Earth from Space...

    "In Rod We Trust"


      Entry No 2 - Lt. Horatio Caine's Sunglasses

      You all wish you thought of it...

      *puts on glasses*

      I can feel your glare!


        I got that one in one minute before you did :p

      Entry No 3 - Red Swingline Stapler

      Everyone wants one of these babies, and it would be awesome to hear those sweet words...

      "Excuse me, but I believe you have my stapler"

      They would be talking about me! plus I'd be helpful in making sure those TPS reports had a cover sheet!

        Yeah.... but then I'd need you to come in on Saturday. That'd be great.

    I'd come back as the heat sink on a 20GB xbox 360.

    What I've seen on tabloid ghost investigations shows implies that "ghosts" use ambient heat to create phenomena - so I would combine a limitless ability to cool my owners' CPU/GPU with paranormal powers capable of CRACKING THE MOON

    a swiss army knife, not only can i then live in the great outdoors, cut nails, burn ants, chop wood, open wine, open beers, scale fish, poke stuff, cut stuff, grab stuff, clean teeth, file stuff, hook things and screw stuff... but if i get into the hands of a mugger/robber/vietnam war veteran, i get to stab stuff!!!

    International Space Station. Not only do you get wicked views you also get to meet interesting people and learn new languages... like Russian, and American.

    An action figure, then you could basically do everything a regular person can do.

    Well, almost.

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