Win! An ATI Radeon Graphics Card! Winners Inside...

War Beards... never change. Except when you photoshop them onto your face in the most creative way possible - which is what these Kotaku readers did in an attempt to win one of three ATI Radeon Graphics Cards. We got a whole heap of awesome entries, but sadly there can only be three winners. So click on MacDuff, to find out who won, and to see some of the awesome entries.

Our first winner is... B.W. Cullen

Winner number two is... Edward Del Villar (stop winning stuff dammit! You are hereby banned from being so awesome.)

And winner number three... Golf Tango

We couldn't post every single one, but here are a few of my favourites...

Adam N

Brad Hill

Justin M Lane

Matthew Carroll

Michael Barnes

Sud Abbas


Winnie Ho


    Haha, awesome! I'm BW Cullen by the way. I guess that was time well spent then

    Golf Tango here. THANKS w00t! My Gaming PC's video card was officially pronounced dead Jan 2, 1127PM so this is extremely welcome news!
    I had no idea the competition was so fierce! Winner Number 2 is my favourite, ridiculously epic beard.

    Damn it. I really wanted to win this so I could actually play minecraft. Seriously bummed. But Congrats to the winners. All good ones. I am brad hill and that is my don in the above pic.

    Thanks anyway.

      What are your requirements for a video card? AGP, PCIe etc? I'm cleaning house before I move...

        I know stuff all about PC's even though i built this one from scratch myself.

        If i look in the device manager it says

        Nvidia GeForce 7500 le
        Location PCI bus 1

        Here is a link to what I THINK it looks like. Mine is a 128 mb version.

        I think this makes my MOBO need a PCIe one but not sure???

        that is the best i can do without pulling apart my PC? Am i right? My cousin gave me a 256mb one that was double the height of this one with a much bigger fan but it wont fit in my PC.

        I have available space but the connection was different.

        Any assistance is appreciated mate. I really want to play minecraft at a decent frame rate but have zero dollars to spend. I am actually waiting for my cousin to upgrade and i;ll take his current one.


          that is indeed a pci-e card. you should be able to find a good replacement for not much money. I can get nvidia gt430 cards for around 75-90. they would whoop the ass of a 7500.

          I'll see what I've got lying around at home! No promises though :(

    well played people! i knew I stood no chance with mine, but i just hope someone got a giggle out of it :0

      If it was a pure lulz competition instead of a photoshop one:


      A lot more than a giggle out of me! well played, sir

    Dammit, I almost won :( I'm Adam N btw

    Oh well, congrats to the winners!

    I really like #2!

    Wow! They are all great. Agreed that Edward is just to damned talented!! Justin should get extra credit cos his is real. Welbots is just hilarious.
    And if Winnie Ho didn't make all you LOTR fanboys swoon there is something wrong with you.

    Looking now at a higher-res version of Edward's 'shop, I wouldn't be surprised if you stripped me of my prize and gave him ALL THREE. Man, I'm seriously jealous of your 1337 sk1llz. I lol'd Welbot - and Sud Abbas's beard of bullets? AWESOME. I originally tried to make my 'HARD' difficulty out of AK47s, but I wasn't worthy...

    Man, I totally forgot to do something for this. Oh well, I doubt my computer would even be able to use one of those cards if I somehow managed to get one anyway :P Good job everyone.

    Woo! Thanks again Kotaku! I have to spend so much time entering comps to try and win this gear because of a lack of funds and more importantly, zero WAF - (Wife Approval Factor):)

    I won't enter any more comps for a while, I promise!*

    * Unless there's an art based comp for a HD TV coming up (I'm still using a small CRT - so I'll paint the Sistine Chapel to win a flatscreen).

    Nice work all. Well-deserved wins. :)

    hahaha - brilliant, lads (and lass)

    Welbot, i hope that REALLY bad gertman was on purpose - very nice buddy lol

      it was indeed loops.. i tried to make it as internet friendly as I could. Was aiming for sounding distinctively german, while still having english people get the meaning at a glance. Looks like success to me! :)

    Hey Mark, is it okay if you show my nickname instead of my full name? *hides in a corner*

      noone would have known otherwise had you not said anything dawdle ;) I've inadvertantly outed myself before too, but fear not.. we're terrible at remembering stuff.. give it a day or two and all wil be forgotten ;) at least I know now though that my wife aint the only asian girl who loves kotaku! ;)

    Has any of the other winners received their cards yet?

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