Win! Marvel vs Capcom Winner Announced

You've been patient. Very patient. And I'd like to thank you guys for that. But now, finally, we have a winner for the Marvel vs Capcom competition. And the winner is...

Edward Del Villar, for this effort below.

Edward wins the console of his choice, a copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3, a framed print of his work, and the chance to have his work in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 art book.

I'd like to take this chance to congratulate every single person who entered this competition. The standard of work was ridiculously high. Capcom were blown away, as was I. There are an incredible amount of talented people in the community.

Thanks folks, and you can check the other entries here.



    Amazing work all around. A truly deserving winner! :D

    Absol-bloody-lutely EPIC!

    That was one of my favorite entriues - just for the look on Deadpool.

    Stunning work and massive congrats!

    I think Capcom should have chucked in some extra copies of the game to a couple runners up, though. I mean their efforts really should have been rewarded - there was some SERIOUSLY amazing stuff there..

    Damn, that is awesome, makes me glad I didn't enter, so I couldn't be horribly embarrassed.

    Congrats! :) Top-notch work. Lots of nice lighting and details.

    Congratulations Edward. Your efforts should be well commended. I liked your art piece the second I saw it and knew you would be a favourite.

    Well done though to everyone else who entered. This was quite simply one of the best competitions I have been apart of and witnessed what people can achieve. Let's hope there are more competitions like this in the future.

    I'm not a big fan of Capcom so I wouldn't know this for sure, but doesn't the guy shooting Hulk look a little bit like Just Cause 2's Rico Rodriguez?

      I'm guessing it's Chris Redfield from Resident Evil.

      Yeah he does a bit - he's actually meant to be Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, but I couldn't get his face right. I tried to fix his forehead in the updated pic, but it's still not the way it should be.

    Awesome piece of work there, major congrats :)

    Ed's work is incredible!! His award-winning oils and illustration work are also testament to his immense talent!! Congrats Ed! This is fantastic!!

    Brilliant work well done and congratulation...
    Your Iron Man is the bomb! I love Iron Man!!!

    WOW! Thank you so much Mark! That's crazy wonderful. Thanks for all the kind words everybody and especially thank you to Kotaku, Marvel and Capcom for organising this awesome competition! And well done everybody who entered - I was really impressed with all the entries, each of them well executed in their different styles.

    It was incredibly fun to do an illustration with such cool characters. I spent two weeks on it pretty much full time – I was just so pumped by the subject that I couldn't tear myself away from it, to the point that my hand was completely cramped up for a few days after I finished (an hour before the deadline).

    If anybody is interested in the process, here's a pic showing the stages – starting in black and white to get the tone and composition as good as I could get it before moving on to the colour. [600kb]

    Also, even when the comp was over I couldn't stop painting it and trying to fix the mistakes (after my hand uncramped that is) – so here's an updated version if anybody is interested. [1.4MB] - it's only subtle changes from the original one, but if it's at all possible I'd love if this updated one could be printed and considered for the art book instead.

    thats awesome, i saw that and thought that was definently up there, however, everyone else who entered deserves a very big round of applause, because all of them were great, i loved how the styles of each picture was different

    That's an amazing entry, well done.

    That's amazing! Congrats!

    Nnnoooo! Oh *ahem*, I mean, congrats! Haha, no good job, was a tough competition to be sure.

      Awww I was hoping you'd win so I could say my brudda wun.

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