Woe Betide He Whose Gamertag Appears In A Black Ops Trailer

An ordinary gamer is cleaning his Xbox Live inbox of dozens of friend requests each day, most of them containing a mercy plea from some Call of Duty cheater. What happened? His gamertag was shown in a Black Ops trailer.

The trailer for Black Ops' First Strike downloadable content pack hit on Monday, and at 0:23 - blink and you'll miss it - you see the kill ticker show the tag "Polar." Though it's probably a bot or placeholder name Treyarch used for the multiplayer capture, enough thought it was a real tag, used by a real developer, to spam it with friend requests. Most of them spelled three or more words correctly, too. Like this one:

Another: "How youu play in mapack erly" Dunno, but they need to do way instain mother.

Also, for those who are laughing because we've published the guy's XBLA tag - he emailed us the tip himself. Maybe he's coughed up the dough to change it already. Is this a conspiracy by Microsoft and Treyarch to get everyone to buy the $US10 gamertag rename, one gamer at a time?

Gamer Tags and You The Internet [Ars Technica Forums]


    Sigh, just let stupid people do stupid things or they are going to hurt themselves.

    lol they'll go to any lengths to get that precious 10th prestige back

    dude he's sitting on a goldmine here.
    Imagine how much fun he could have with these guys.

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