Woman Credits Wii Fit For Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Woman Credits Wii Fit For Parkinson’s Diagnosis

A British mother of two says she began to figure out she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease only after stepping on a Wii Balance Board.

About one year ago, Julie Wilks noticed that her balance was heavily shifted to one side, an unevennes the Balance Board portrayed on her TV via her Wii. That began to worry here, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. As other symptoms emerged, she went to a doctor who delivered the diagnosis. She had Parkinson’s disease.

“I’m so grateful that I was playing the game that day and that it ended in my diagnosis,” she told the paper. “What an amazing piece of technology.”

She’s had to quit her job due to her illness and is hoping to raise money to fight the disease. She seems to be good spirits based on the Mail’s report.

Woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s after noticing symptoms while playing Wii Fit [Daily Mail]


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