World Of Starcraft Isn’t Quite What You Thought It Would Be

World Of Starcraft Isn’t Quite What You Thought It Would Be

Your eyes do not deceive you. Long assumed to be the natural successor to World of Warcraft, this is an MMO built around the Starcraft universe. Only… it’s been made by some fans, and it’s been made using Starcraft II.

It appears that Starcraft II’s mod tools, which are powerful enough to allow users to turn the strategy title into things like survival horror games, are powerful enough to allow it to become an MMO in the style of Blizzard’s other big money-spinner, World of Warcraft.

It’s still early days on the project, but for an idea on how things are progressing, check out the trailer below.

[via PC Gamer]


  • Happy I saw the video before those activision assholes threw the copyright hammer at it. I hope it’s just because of the name rather than the concept. If they stop the poor guy from making the mod full stop (even with a name change) then may the geeks of the internet unleash hell.

  • Step 1: Release incredibly powerfull mod tools for your game
    Step 2: Convince fans to go to great lengths making incredibly complex mods
    Step 3: Get all evidence of great and complex mods removed from the net for copyright infringments
    Step 4: Profit!!!!

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