Would You Care For A Metal Gear Solid 'HD' Collection?

Because one may be in the works for the PlayStation 3, according to a new report, which indicates that Metal Gear Solid and its two PlayStation 2 sequels may get a high-def facelift.

CVG cites the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine, which says that it's heard "insider whispers" that the first three Metal Gear Solid games are in the "facelift queue." There's clearly a precedent for that, with rumours of HD collections of God of War, Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider games bandied about before they were officially announced.

(We're still waiting on that Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection, though.)

With Metal Gear Solid 4 approaching its third birthday and the next entry, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, not expected until 2012, a look back at the series might be a good idea for 2011.

Metal Gear Solid HD trilogy coming to PS3? [CVG]


    Yes please.

      I would love these, Big MGS fan here.

      If there were changes I would to be implemented the safest one would be tightening the reaction times between pressing a button and the action. Compared to MGS4 the previous version were SLOW, Just slower.

      Other than that maybe unify the control scheme across the games. But that may cause headaches so just tighten the control :D

    Between this and the ICO re-release, it's getting harder and harder to resist the lure of a PS3 console...

    MGS or MGS: Twin Snakes?

      Good question, why not both lol? Never played TTS.

      You'd assume Twin Snakes, since the assets would probably scrub up a bit nicer in HD than the PS1 version.

      Plus, I think the PS1 original is already available on the PS Store anyway, isn't it? That'd make it a bit redundant releasing it again in this collection. Although that doesn't seem to have stopped the Dreamcast collection...

      I wouldn't mind the Twin Snakes except with a face lift of the original MGS cut scenes. Simply put, I appreciate the nicer graphics and MGS2 style gameplay but some of the cut scenes of Twin Snakes were too far out of character with the original masterpiece.

        Yeah, I don't know if I really liked the fact that Silicon Knights just sort of dropped all the MGS2 mechanics in without adjusting the level design that much...

    Hell YES O.O

    Metal Gear Solid in HD......hell yeah!

    hell freaking yeah

    I really need a ps3 - this would be a great introduction to MGS for me...
    Plus with all the other collections coming to the console, it's win-win

    I would really like to get this. I only had the chance to play the first game (didn't get a PS2).

    It sucks though because I only just bought MSG4 (still waiting for it to be delivered, in fact)... Maybe I should wait to play it? :/ Depends when this is expected to come out, I suppose.

    Yes please!

    Certainly. I recently got a PS3 (first Sony console I've ever owned) and I always was interested in the Metal Gear Solid series, I just never had a chance to play it. So this would be perfect.

    Now if they would just do Killzone... (I have Killzone 2, but can't bring myself to play it knowing that I haven't played the first one yet).

    MGS4 already has a chunk of the first MGS redone in HD embedded in the game. Was more than enough for me.

    That said, a new tighter directors cut of all 3 would be nice. There were plenty of dull conversations and sections to wade through the first time.

    MGS3 is what I want to play the most out of the collection and in HD I think it will hold up very well considering the game is still technically one of the best looking games of last generation. MGS2 will also be pretty good but MGS1? Jeez just use the recreation of Shadow Moses from 4 because that game looks terrible.

    Oh hell yes. I'd love HD Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater. Instant sale.

    I have been trying to play MGS3 for 3 years now, but it's only available on the PS2 which I didn't want to buy for just one game. I borrowed a friend's PS2 but it looked terrible on the only TV my brother has, so I wanted to find a composite to VGA converter and play it on a monitor to find the only one was almost as expensive as a PS2.

    My tale of woe may finally be at an end!


    If this handles, I can die happy :)

    Yes please, It'd sell like hotcakes. Be a nice feature If they were to include the original Metal Gear games aswell.

    Decoy Octopus.

    wants it

    I would rather a revamp - put MGS,2,3 in Metal Gear Solid 4's engine. Don't add, or take anything away gameplay wise, although content wise wouldn't hurt.

    Nice! I'd play them for nostalgia, for a while... I'm not sure ppl are really gonna shell out for all the old MGS games again. The series has evolved over time and a lot of mechanics have been added/modified. Newbies won't bother buying tho.

    Plz don't give us Twin Snakes! They lost the original sound files from MGS1 so they re-recorded them and sound nothing like the old ones... When Campbell pronounces Shamen as "Shaymen" instead of "Sharmen" it just went against the grain. Just don't talk to me about MGS:TTS!

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