Would You Play Kinect Games In The Arcade?

The Game Gate VU is an arcade cabinet that houses an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 - a coin-op kiosk, more or less, with some other features. It's now been outfitted for Kinect. Anybody seen one of these yet?

BMI Gaming, a heavyweight distributor of arcade machines, lists the unit for $US4875 - with a $US10 per month licensing fee unless someone's buying it as a free-play machine. Multiple units can be connected via LAN for multiplayer gaming.

Extravagant, sure. Maybe not the kind of thing you'd find down at your local arcade, should one still exist. I could see this sort of thing in Vegas, though.

Game Gate VU Get Active/Let's Kinect [BMI Gaming via Dan Amrich's Twitter]


    I've never even seen an xbox or PS game cabinet at an arcade let alone one with a kinect. Seems like a good idea from an arcade's point of view. The cost doesn't seem all that much either.

    I've seen consoles in arcades, but a Kinect sounds stupid. There's flashing lights and lots of movement in an arcade, gl playing.

    I would play one of these for sure,I have never seen one in an arcade thou.

    I guess if people are willing to make fools of themselves playing DDR in arcades (which they certainly seem to be), then I don't see why they wouldn't do this too :P

    I can't see myself using one in public, I have way too much pride. I didn't know people still went to arcades anymore. lol

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