Xbox 360 Is The Ransom In 'Especially Aggravated' Kidnapping Case

A Kingsport, Tennessee man was kidnapped, beaten and ultimately ransomed for an Xbox 360 in a bizarre story that will likely make you appreciate your in-laws and that the valuation of your freedom is not "one video game console."

According to a police report, Allen Begley was kidnapped by his father-in-law, who accused him of thievery. Begley says his kidnapper, Joshua Seal, also his employer, demanded payment from his son-in-law, ultimately attempting to beat it out of him. Begley turned to his mother-in-law, who in turn went to a neighbour, who coughed up an Xbox 360 "valued at $US400 to $US500."

Yeah, that's an expensive Xbox.

Begley was finally released by Seal, but only after the exchange of man for video game console. Not surprisingly, Seal and an accomplice have been arrested.

Kingsport man allegedly kidnaps and assaults son-in-law, trades him for Xbox 360 [TriCities - thanks, Justin!]


    With the current coversion rates... that's about what we pay for an xbox.

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