Xbox Changes Coming This Week

Xbox 360 users, two things: one, you're getting back the option to boot your console straight to a disc, and two, your Gamercards are in for a change. That is all.


    Didnt realise I couldn't boot straight to a game. Never used the option.

    Any idea how the cards are changing?

      Same, I hate booting straight to a disc when you boot the thing up. I want to be able to muck around on the dash/xmb before diving in.

        mine used to do it when i first got it. If I used the eject button to turn it on and put a disk in, it would boot straight to the game.. I disabled that real quick cos it was damn annoying!

          Ditto. Load to disc is a pain in the backside. I like to check out the game marketplace for demos, vids etc and have them download while I play a game or watch other videos.

      Main change is that they are dropping the gamer zone(recreation pro etc). The one I saw was black and a bit cooler. Nothing really. Didn't check the above link as already typing but check major melding blog. You'll see one.

        If nobody told me I would never have noticed...

    There was the option to boot straight to a disc? Where?!? I hate forgetting to mash A so it boots up what I want to play.

    (Also, is there a boot to disc option for the PS3?)

      Yes, it's called auto-start disc and I think it's in the system setting options

    Apparently theyre just re enabling this function which was broken in the new dashboard update end of last year..

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