Xbox Update Stealth Kills Call Of Duty Pirates

Seems like that innocent little Xbox 360 update yesterday wasn't just to restore the option to boot the console straight to a disc. It also contained secret pirate-fighting juice.

Now that it's been mentioned, it did seem a little strange that the update came out of nowhere. And for such a tiny fix clocked in at 7mb.

But then people who had been using pirated copies of Call of Duty (both Black Ops and Modern Warfare) installed the update and found their pirated copies didn't work anymore, and it all made sense.

[via Engadget]


    Haha take it pirates >) Love a bit of sneaky justice!

    Sucked in. That is a great bit of sneaky justice right there.

    why not just ban the console and user from XBL??

      Maybe they could figure out how it was being done... but not by whom.

      You can bet that they're listing the people who complain though.

    good on 'em, just slip that fighting juice straight in there

    Nice. Even though it's far little to late for most disillusioned players (including myself), at least they're doing something about it.

    This makes more sense. I always wondered why they banned someone from LIVE when they would be missing out on potential sales of Arcade games Dl contect etc...

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