You Can’t Secretly Play The New Angry Birds At Work

You Can’t Secretly Play The New Angry Birds At Work

The new Mac version of Angry Birds only plays at full screen. So forget secretly playing this game when your boss, professor or other favourite authority figure isn’t watching. You can’t hide it quickly. You can, however, watch our video preview.

Check out a few minutes of the $6 (discounted from $13!) Mac version of Angry Birds. It came out yesterday on Apple’s new Mac Store. There’s also a Windows version, which we haven’t tested.

Angry Birds on the iPhone costs a dollar. There’s also a free version for phones. For your Mac (and PC), there’s no such cheap edition. There’s only the $6 version out now that will eventually double in price. So if you want to know what the computer version is like, well, we made this video for you.

Enjoy. Beware. Etc.

(And if you’re willing to take the risk and play this while you should be working, keep a finger near the Mac’s F11 key… it’ll minimise most of the game screen quickly.)

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