You Could Save Your PS3 Games In Thin Air

Kotaku has learned that, earlier today, Sony informed developers of a new feature for the PlayStation 3: the ability to save games in the "cloud".

Cloud storage means that, rather than keeping your save game data on your PlayStation 3's hard drive, it's instead saved remotely to a server that Sony runs. The advantage of this is that not only does it save the user space on their hard drive, but since it's tied to a PlayStation Network account, it can be pulled down to different consoles whenever and wherever the user desires.

First rumoured all the way back in 2009, there is of course a catch: it'll only be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, not the great unwashed. Actually, there are two catches: Sony bundled the announcement with the clause that, because saving games to the cloud "will allow save data with the copy prohibited attribute to be copied into the online storage", developers are able to opt out and bar their games from using it should there be a concern.

Sony will call the process "Online Saving", and it'll be made available as part of the PS3's upcoming 3.60 firmware update.


    That sucks. When I had to get a new ps3 half of my saves stayed with the old one. It's bullcrap.

      Yep sure does suck - my 60 GB ps3 died 2 months ago, sony it seems won't touch them anymore (i know several others in the same situation - including people who have had theirs fixed less than a year ago and have died again). I lost nearly everything (had a backup that was a couple of months old but still lost a lot of stuff that can't be backed up) - Sony need to get their act together so that ALL PS3 users don't suffer, cloud saves are good but not when they require the subscription and the saves can still be locked out from being transferred - why do developers do this when they can be simply tied to your PSN id? (EA in particular with notable efforts from some other developers and publishers on occasion).

        Funny, similar crap happened to me...several times. I am on PS3 repair #4. The original design is flawed, Sony needs to get their crap together.

    Interesting... I may have to finally shell out for Playstation Plus. I hope you're still able to have non-cloud saves to in case of no internet

      You'd hope it'd work like trophies i.e. when you win them they're recorded locally whether you're online or not, then it synchs with the server when you're logged in. That way if your internet connection or PSN itself is down then you can still play, then it can resynch once things are up and running again.

      But I guess we'll have to wait for the details to come out. Still, it's nice to see Sony coming up with something that might actually make PS Plus worth paying for, because it's been pretty ordinary so far.

    I'd consider subscribing. Lost 40 hours on Final Fantasy XIII when my PS3 fried itself...

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