3DS Game Cases Ain't Your Father's Nintendo DS Game Cases

With the 3DS launching later this month in Japan, retailers are starting to get 3DS dummy cases for in-store displays. And they're different.

Compared to the regular black Nintendo DS cases, the 3DS ones are white. The logo placement has changed too.

That's not all, the 3DS cases are slimmer and apparently weigh 15 per cent less than the Nintendo DS cases. The reason for the lighter cases is the 3DS casing's low cost and green design: Nintendo 3DS cases are filled with holes, which should make them more environmentally friendly.

Supposedly, the 3DS cases are slightly harder harder to open and close when compared to the Nintendo DS cases - no biggie, though!

The Nintendo 3DS goes on sale later this month in Japan and in the West in March.

2/15 3DSのダミーケース届きました!(画像追加 [ちょっとゲーム好きが通ります。]


    I seriously hate those cases with holes in them, the covers are so easily damaged...

    F*** the environment!

    Don't say environmental friendly when you are cutting down cost! >: (

    If they only shipped without those big bulky manuals, we'd have these awesome tiny boxes...

    Not more stupid holes. US 360 cases have those and it makes the case so fragile.

    Why can't they make the manuals the same size as the GBA ones, then size the boxes accordingly? That would cut down far more material than this.

    It would not surprise me if they caused more harm to the environment because the machines had to consume more power so they properly made the holes without losing the integrity of the case.

      It wouldn't, coz the plastic resin is set in a mould right? Therefore there wouldn't be a process of punching those holes as they'd be there already by the time the plastic sets.

      Also the fragility of the case hardly matters, unlike console games who puts their cartridges back into case anyway?

    Yeah...cause charging your 3DS does nothing to the environment at all... Hmmm...
    Yeah I see now

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