3DS Games Will Keep You Waiting

Nintendo is recommending players take breaks every 15 minutes while playing the 3DS in 3D. Who plays video games for fifteen minutes?

Nintendo is not alone. The 15-minute break interval is also what the Korean government is recommending while viewing 3D.

Capcom realises that most players don't play in chunks of 15 minutes. At the start of Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV 3D, there is the following warning: "A ten minute break is recommended every 30 minutes."

But, let's say users are playing a longer game — like a role-playing game. Who plays a role-playing game for 30 minutes and then stops for ten minutes? Maybe you do, but you're a weirdo.

So, hypothetically, if a 3D role-playing game the size of Dragon Quest IX is released on the 3DS, the amount of time players could spend doing these recommended breaks could get absurd.

Sure, Capcom is probably just being cautious and Capcom doesn't make Dragon Quest games, anyway, so this is all pie-in-the-sky stuff. If you rush through Dragon Quest IX, you can probably complete it in 40 hours. If it were in 3D on the 3DS, you'd need to take breaks that add up to over 13 hours!

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    ...why don't they say to just turn the 3D off for 10 minutes.

    From what I understand the 3DS has an adjusted for the 3D so couldn't you just turn the 3D part of for a while but keep playing?

    Is it advised that we take breaks every 15 minutes when watching 3D films too?

    This does seem just a tad ridiculous. How about we choose the middle ground and suggest players take a break from 3D when they feel like they need it?

    they just covering there backs for the inevitable lawsuit.
    ignore the warning!

    And all games seem to recommend 15 minute breaks every hour.. Are we generally following that advice?

    Given the viewing distance to this sort of technology, I'm not surprised by this. And also given that portable games are portable, makes it less surprising.

    They had the same warning on all of the Virtual Boy games and instruction manuals as well. You can even configure the Virtual Boy to pause automatically every 15 minutes to give your eyes a break.

    Yeah, it does say 3D, so maybe just turn the 3D off for ten minutes. It will also increase your battery life. =D

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