While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun - necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping - game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution - While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened… while you were sleeping.

I've had to constantly check my cynicism regarding the upcoming Deus Ex Human Revolution - but now, after hands on reports I'm allowing myself to get a little bit excited. Eidos Montreal look like they may be on the brink of creating something quite special.

I've been disappointed with the implementation of motion controls into shooters - with Red Steel 2 and Metroid Prime being the exception - but it's looking like the Killzone 3 team has truly outdone themselves in this regard.

There's a Dragon Age II demo on the way, this 10 year-old gamer almost games himself off a train platform, and we ask the question: can Final Fantasy still save Square Enix?

In Short Distracted 10 Year Old Games Himself Off A Railway Platform Dragon Age II Demo On The Way Killzone 3 Makes Motion Gaming Fun Again First Hands On With Deus Ex: Human Revolution Teaches Us To Walk Then Fly Can Final Fantasy Still Save Square Enix


    Tally Ho!
    Killzone 3 looks like a planetarium of
    spectacularisms! Marvellous. And jet packs too?
    My bloody god damned goodness, and tarnation.
    Yes! Will be, for better or worse, using Move to gun down
    the evil-doers, and perpetrators of gross injustice this
    time around. Saddle up! Ride out! Ready! Aim! Fire!
    Best wishes, old salt.

    Sandra Bullock vanished from her While You
    Were Sleeping post. That’s the cold hard truth.
    Stop crying! She’s probably still
    alive. But, until we know for certain, it’s probably best
    to just keep talking movies – right in the spot where
    she went missing; start looking for clues and allow me to introduce – The Popcorn Projector.

    The Popcorn Projector:

    Friday, February 4, 2011
    What's Popping Today?
    eXistenZ (1999)-
    The Director?
    David Cronenberg.
    The Stars?
    Jude Law, Jennifer
    Jason Leigh, Ian Holm and
    Willem Dafoe.
    What's the story?
    Jennifer Jason Leigh is the world's most amazing
    video game designer . . . of all time, her latest
    masterpiece is called eXistenZ: a virtual reality
    framework of such vividness, such lucidity, that it
    transcends artificial construct and design to breach
    savagely into the everyday and very real lives of
    the user . . . or does it?
    A critic said what?
    Though Cronenberg makes some creepy insinuations,
    eXistenZ is more effective as a black comedy than
    as a visceral shocker.

    Scott Tobias
    The Onion A.V. Club
    How hot is the soundtrack?
    Splendid horror, sci-fi ambience; understandably
    cold like a haunted mansion.
    Oh no he didn't:
    Jennifer Jason Leigh was in Eyes Wide
    Shut (1999), starring alongside Harvey Keitel.
    When Keitel abandoned production, Leigh's scenes
    needed to be re-shot; it never happened, Leigh was
    already working on eXistenZ and her Eyes Wide
    Shut role (Marion Nathanson) was re-cast.
    And if you haven't seen it?
    This is a Cronenberg movie so you know it's all
    kinds of kooky; you've been warned.
    Guest reviewer #2 Pam said:
    This is the f*cking most disgusting movie i have
    ever seen. You're a f*cking idiot; why did you even think
    I would f*cking like this sh*t. F*ck you; never call
    me again.
    Endlessly quotable?
    Jennifer Jason Leigh explains the central, internal
    mechanism and the very nature of eXistenZ:

    You have to play the game, to find out why
    you're playing the game.
    In the end?
    Entirely surreal, full-throttle abstract and clinically
    insane, eXistenZ considers the terrifying possibilities
    of false realities and increasingly biologically
    engineered technology. Microsoft's Kinect will never
    look the same again.
    What in blue blazes does this have to do with
    video games?
    eXistenZ is a living, breathing video game, biologically engineered to affect, interrupt, transform and distort
    reality as it is perceived and interpreted via the
    user; an intrusively close organic interaction with
    technology to change what is and can be. And
    perhaps, too, a damning criticism of our lust
    for alternate realities.
    In the end?
    eXistenZ could very well be an entirely accurate
    portrayal of future technology; organic, biological and
    without interface - completely dissolving the divide
    between user and device.
    The eXistenZ love meter said:

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