A More Beautiful Call Of Duty Replay

YouTube is clogged with drearily long replays of Call of Duty: Black Ops. They account for most of the most popular gaming clips on the giant site. Thankfully, someone has finally made a better, more beautiful one.

YouTube user IVIachineX sets his first-person shooter clips to music. He edits them. He adds special effects. He's basically made a Black Ops music video. This, Call of Duty fans, is what I'm looking for. This looks great.

He's done it for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well. I had no idea this was going on, but I'll be checking out more. It appears that there's a community of folks doing this kind of thing, many of them working with a tool called FlatLineEditing (here's their YouTube page). I want more. Please.

IVIachineX's Channel [YouTube]


    This is really nothing new.

    This type of editing is much better applied to more interesting games.


    This reminds me the old CoD4 montages which were heavily edited, but also looked great.

    Also, in before CoD haters.

    Whoa.. Talk about dominate, it'd be an honour playing with this dude!

    Soooo, basically you want montages, something the CoD community has been doing before gameplay/commentarys.

    You can find some amazing ones on youtube, most with trash metal music as the song though.

    Quickscopers are the scum of the universe!

      Truth. Learn to aim properly, not exploit game mechanics.

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