A New Assassin’s Creed Will Be Revealed In May

A New Assassin’s Creed Will Be Revealed In May

A New Assassin’s Creed Will Be Revealed In MayDuring Ubisoft’s third quarter financial results investor phone call today, company president Yves Guillemot confirmed that there would be a new packaged Assassin’s Creed game coming this year, with more details coming in May.


  • I for one am quite excited about this. Ubisoft have shown that putting a game out each year is not going to hurt the quality.
    (or at least, not yet)

    Plus, that was one pretty impressive cliffhanger at the end of AC:B. Need resolution.

  • hmmm… careful Ubisoft, don’t overkill the brand!

    I can’t see it being ACIII though, as the game is set in 2012, so I would think ACIII and the conclusion of Desmond’s story would be finished then…

  • I’d love a follow up to brotherhood. I wanna know the reasoning behind what happened at the end! It ended so abruptly. Sooo many unanswered questions in AC games!

  • I’m a huge Assassin’s Creed fan, but I haven’t even bought Brotherhood yet because I was all Ezio’d out after ACII.
    I hope they don’t go all Guitar Hero on us and bring out unnecessary titles which make us overdose.

    • I concur, Strange – I’m not really worried about the quality of the games (AC:B showed us they can do it in a shorter timeframe) but in the end they might suffer from overexposure.

      • Boy did you miss out by blindly taking a soapbox stance. Brotherhood was an example of doing it right. A smaller area, getting rid of the horseriding between cities, concentrating on one city, absolutely soaking it with things to do, enhanced combat, a far deeper storyline of revenge and rage… the game was no half assed sequel. You’re aware the development of a game, usually the longest period is to develop the actual engine right? With ACB it was all there. Whilst AC2 was what AC1 should have been, ACB was what AC2 wishes it was for sure.

        Let me guess, you boycotted L4D2 as well 😉

    • Weird as it sounds given that it only had a year of development, Brotherhood is a really fantastic game. It doesn’t feel like an expansion, the story is well written and there’s lots of little improvements to the free funning & combat mechanics, its a proper sequel

      • I can’t believe that Brotherhood only had one year of development. It was a genuinely great game. AC3 will have had two years behind it. Only problem is no Patrice Desilets.

    • I said I haven’t bought Brotherhood YET. Because I wasn’t ready for it.

      I’m aware it’s a “fantastic” game and when I’m ready for it, I’ll buy it. In no way did I say I wasn’t going to buy it or that it was bad because it was a relatively short development time. I certainly didn’t mean to imply I was “blindly taking a soapbox stance”, I have no idea where that idea came from.

      • Strange, I’ve finished my copy of AC:B, and it’s just sitting pretty on my shelf. Let me know if you want to borrow, and I’ll post it up.

    • Been thinking the same thing. Hope it is, as a year wait for AC3 will make it better. ACB was awesome but it felt a little too soon to me. And I wouldnt mind seeing an updated engine.

      But if it is AC3 then YAY!

    • They’ve already announced an AC game for 3DS. It’s called Lost Legacy and will have Ezio going to Masyaf, presumably to tie Ezio and Altair’s stories together more closely. That is scheduled for sometime in 2011, but has been confirmed since E3 last year so I can’t imagine them making a point of confirming it again now.

  • Looking forward to whatever this is – AC:B was genuinely excellent and I’m pretty confident Ubisoft can keep up the quality.

    Might be time for a change of scenery, though – Italy is getting a tad overused.

  • I love AC and Ubisoft (sort of), but chances are, they’ll want to keep the franchise alive for a bit longer.

    Which means we’ll probably get another game where Desmond is still using the Animus and now needs to explore another of his ancestor’s past; whilst still continuing on his journey to become an assassin.

    Wouldn’t mind a change of scenery, but I’m a sucker for the franchise, and I’ll take anything I can get.

    Only problem with doing it on the present (or even the last 100 years) is that majority of the guards/soldiers will have guns, sort of making close range combat seem out of place or ridiculous.

    Still very excited, though. Can’t wait to see what they come out with.

  • I was really disapointed by Brotherhood. It wasn’t a bad game by any stretch of imagination. It just felt like a very “meh” game to me. 2 was filled with far more standout moments and ended with a bang. Ezio’s story seemed to fizzle out completely in Brotherhood long before he killed that screaming incest guy. I did love the Desmond parts though.

  • those mofos still haven’t released AC:B on PC yet, and they’re talking about the final chapter? way to screw their fans, when there still isn’t a fixed release date for PC.

    at least there seems to be a release date finally, somewhere between 17/3 and 24/3…

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