A Peek At The Primordial Scrawlings Of Game Developers

The idea for a video game must begin in someone's mind. From there, it's first expression isn't necessarily digital. Notebooks and paper napkins often carry the first scrawls of the next big hit. One person is chronicling them.

Gamestorm, a Tumblr blog established this week, is collecting and displaying submissions from game developers, either of works in progress, works that never got off the ground, or musings they hope someday will. Above is a submission by AndrewFM. ""A sketch showing an idea for an exploratory game that deals with ability fusions," he explains.

GameStorm [via Infinite Lives]


    I hope he starts receiving some of the initial sketches and idea spinning which led to games like Katamari Daimacy, World of Goo or Braid.

    I hope he will put up a special shrine this cosmic genius!

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