A Peek At The Road Rash & Strike Reboots That Never Happened

Two video game series fondly remembered by fans, but almost completely untapped by Electronic Arts are motorcycle combat contest Road Rash and isometric military shooter Strike. EA hasn't made a new game in either of those series this generation, but it tried during the last.

We've seen hints of revivals and pre-release video of failed Road Rash reboots before, but video snooper Superannuation recently unearthed some rarely seen concepts of artwork for both series. Don't expect much more than a feeling for what these franchise updates could have been.

Both appear to have been in early development at EA Warrington, a studio shuttered by the company in 2006. The artwork in this gallery comes from artist Richard Cook, who lent his talents to Need For Speed: Underground, The Club and James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

Road Rash (2006)

Road Rash (2006)

Road Rash (2006)

Road Rash (2006)

Strike (2005)

Strike (2005)

Strike (2005)

Strike (2005)

Strike (2005)

Strike (2005)

Strike (2005)



    These make me sad, sad to know that at one point they considered making updates for these games.

    I played both of these series to DEATH on the Mega Drive.

    In the case of Road Rash, with Criterion showing what they can do with Bikes in Burnout Paradise, they could make an incredible Road Rash.

    As for the Strike series, keep the isometric view point, pretty up the visuals and provide a new story is all that is needed. If EA made it for PSN/Live in campaign episode format then I will give them complete access to my wallet!

    Yea, I played Road Rash to death, got me into a few Soundgarden songs from the menu too, good times. There is not much motorbike action in general, let alone combat, this gen. Road Rash would be an instant seller imo, especially at the moment or the last few weeks with such a thin spread on releases. Would have been a proper alternative to Hot Pursuit or TDU2. Bring back Motorcross Madness too, that was tang.

      +1 for this.

      I fail to see why there has not been a Motocross Madness developed for Xbox Live? Microsoft published the originals and used them to sell their Sidewinder Freestyle gamepads.
      Motocross Madness on XBLA with a course generator or multiplayer stunt shenanigans would be an instant buy from me, I still remember cringing after making my rider faceplant into a hillside...

    Oh please God! Another Road Rash!!! That would be heaven sent .... as long as they keep some of the same music tracks as the original ...

    Another Road Rash (as mentioned above by Criterion) would be awesome.

    If they are going to make another isometric shooter, for the love of god, please remake the Crusader No Remorse series.

      +1 man i haven't thought about crusader in years and years use to love those games... damn you for reminding me

    I'm a huge fan of both series from the 16bit days. Well the first Road Rash on PSX wasn't completely terrible and the Strike games on PSX were some great campy fun too.

    I just hope that is either series comes back it doesn't have a 'darker tone' to make it more relevant to the kiddies....

    Strike series was awesome, but they renamed the last PSX title to Future Cop instead of Future Strike.

    I enjoyed Road Rash 2 - great game. The originals basically carried straight on with the occasional corner, like the Outrun games. Updating it in the same manner as Outrun 2 would be great, as well as a release on XBLA/PSN.

    As for the Strike games, as oggob says, keep it in the same isometric perspective and pretty up the graphics then do an XBLA/PSN release. One of my friends used to love those games - he'd play through Desert, Jungle and Urban in an afternoon without losing a life.

    Road Rash for PC was one of my childhood games, played it everyday. It would be awesome if another is made.

    Love Road Rash 1/2/3 on MD. The first Road Rash on 32-bit consoles was on 3DO then ported to PSX/Saturn, was pretty good. Then Road Rash 3D on PSX (was pretty crap), then Road Rash Jailbreak (PSX) which was alot better of the two polygonal games but still didnt nail the feeling of the MD originals. Strike was/is great, Desert, Jungle and Urban Strike on the MD. And Soviet and Nuclear Strike on the PSX/Saturn. All the Stikes are great games, including the 32-bit ones (which gave you the choice of isometric or rotational camera behind your helicopter which worked great!) and the b-grade video was very well done actually. Future Cop was pretty cool but wasnt really a Strike game, even though it was supposed to be.

    Yeah they neeeed to make new ones, do the retro reboot thing like Street Fighter 4/Mortal Kombat/Sonic Fan Remix and yep, Criterion would be the perfect developer for Road Rash (just as long they let us run around on foot like on the MD!), but who for Strike? That new Apache games is a step in the right direction.

    It's not an official video, but I like where this animator was going with a Road Rash reboot...


    why didn't they make them!? was the market for helicopter and motorbike games flooded!?

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