A Sword And Shield Fit For The Hero Of Time

Feel like celebrating Zelda's 25th birthday with something big, bulky and heroic? It's dangerous to go alone. Take this stuff.

This Zelda sword and shield (of which there are two, one for Ocarina of Time and one for Twilight Princess) were made by Fiberglass Blades, a small custom accessory and weapon builder specialising in cosplay gear. If you think the shield looks enormous and heavy, well, you're only half right.

It only looks heavy, thanks to a lavish helping of automotive paint that gives it that "steel" appearance. It's actually made of resin, with a foam-filled interior to ensure that the shield is actually extremely light, should you want to actually use it for cosplay (and don't have the guns to lug around a proper metal shield all day).

The swords are similar, made again of resin but this time reinforced with aluminium and fiberglass rods.

These aren't museum pieces; you can actually buy them, with contact info at the link below.

[Fibreglass Blades - thanks Geoff!]


    Hey I recognise those. Kotaku featured a video with the cosplayers before too. Actually that black one just really shines in a distinctive way.

    Hahaha.. Bandwidth exceeded on the website. Oh Kotaku, what have you done to that poor webmaster?

    I just had a nerdgasm.

    This stuff is freakishly awesome!

    *wipes keyboard*


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