Ace Combat Going Through Some Changes With 'Assault Horizon'

Namco's venerable Ace Combat series is also getting a once-over - just like Ridge Racer - with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, which adds a little "Close Range Assault", bringing the camera closer for more intense dogfightin' action.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is slated to come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.


    There's a new trailer, you could've at least uploaded it. Can't wait for this, been forever since I last played Ace Combat.

      Seems like it's there now. I wonder why they never show playable Sukhois and MIGs in the trailers..

        They may stop selling it at US Military bases around the globe.

    Uh... Is this article missing a trailer or something? Bullet point from back of game box does not a news post make :\

    Ahhh this game is so ludicrous. Love it.

    Please let them not be copying Hawx behind the scenes. Looks good but.
    I'm not usually a fan of techno, but I always find it works as BGM in a game like Ace Combat (think Ace Combat 4).

    And I can see a video.

    This will be the first Ace Combat game on the PS3. Lookin' forward to it.

    That plane damage looks freakin' SWEET. Wish it wasn't "real world" though, I hope that doesn't constrain how silly-awesome AC games can get...

    I have it pre ordered from Play Asia. I cannot wait.

    Chokito says: NO, NO, NO!


    Are you guys serious? Y'all are like: "cannot wait"; "Ahhh this game is so ludicrous. Love it"; "Dang that looks fun".

    ...WTF people? Have you guys even played the previous ACE COMBAT games? This is the biggest insult to that series...EVER!

    I've seen a video in which the director for this game is being interviewed, and he was saying that in the previous games the action was 'always too far away to see, and that you could never see the explosions in detail'.

    Yep, so many people in the air force come back after dangerous sorties, saying: "man, I'm so tired of these explosions being so far away! If only we could fly in-between the buildings at high speed, chasing the enemy so that we can shoot him down with our cannons, and then watch as their planes fall apart in slow motion!"

    So now what happens? Let's make the next ACE COMBAT game look like some spruced up old mutton of an AFTERBURNER game; replicate a wankwit Michael Bay, special effects laden (with absolutely no intelligence) TRANSFORMERS movie, where everything cool happens in slow motion.

    Sorry, but no! This game looks horrendous. And that it's mapped after the real world? The opening invasion is on Miami?! Please! The game has lost all it's charm completely.

      Relax, it's called a "creative artistic license". Not everything in the real world is super exciting. Otherwise we'd be tieing our shoes in every first person shooter. The game looks like over the top, adrenaline pumped action, and that's why it's gonna be awesome!

      That's why it's not called Ace Combat 7. It seems the devs are wanting to try something new. I say let them.

      I agree just maybe not as passionately as you. But I loved this franchise for not only the gameplay but for the fictional world as well. This way they had more freedom on the story they could tell, even had nuclear weapons used on this fictional world but not discriminating against anyone whatsoever in the real world. I really liked that idea, since it gives complete diversity on who can play it without feeling insulted in some way.

      If you wanted over the top adrenaline pumped action, play Hawx. This game was always known for mixing realism with action extremely well, making it keep you on your toes and your eye peeled during each battle, but making it more realistic at the same time without putting too much complexity into it

    HELL YES!!!

    Just wonder if they're going to keep the same cheesy acting and story lines in place similar to the previous games...

    If there's a screenshot button in the game it's going to get a massive workout when those planes disintegrate

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