After Mother's Death, Woman Finds Solace In Metroid

In 2007, Brooklyn's Michelle Perl was struck with tragedy. Her mother, sick with cancer, passed away. But in her mourning, Perl decided to do something. She decided to change.

The 25-year-old tells Nintendo Power, "I wanted to make a vow of personal improvement to my mother, so I decided to target the one problem that had been causing me great distress for years — my weight."

Besides hitting the gym and watching what she ate, Perl began using Wii Fit to help get in shape. She also covered her room in photos and pictures of Samus Aran, Metroid's heroine. She dropped 110 pounds and went down 15 jeans sizes, enabling her to fit in the skin-tight "Zero Suit" she constructed.

"My most powerful source of motivation to keep going was Samus Aran," Perl says, noting that Samus is a iconic character for women because of her strength. For Perl, it was a fictional character that made her inner strength tangible.

Samus cosplay helps young woman get over loss of Mother, eating issues [GoNintendo][Pic]


    She's probably talking about Samus pre-Other M. Because if she took inspiration of Samus from that game she'd be speaking in a monotone voice, only ever care about having babies, and would never do anything ever unless a man told her to.

      Words of wisdom


      That sounds VERY Japanese.

    @Luke. Oh would just shut up already. I am so sick of this other m bashing. You obviously didn't understand the game at all. Just another excuse to bash the game instead of commenting on the actual subject. So shut up already troll.

    Well you don't get enough of this sort of news these days, so we'll just call it a good thing and leave it at that.

    Metroid: Other M was one giant pun. It's the only explanation. I refuse to accept ulterior excuses.

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