All The Winners From The 14th AIAS Awards

The 14th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards aren't there for comedy. They're there for the giving out of awards to 2010's finest games. Let's see who won big at this year's event.

As you're about to see, Red Dead Redemption has so far been the big winner on the night, taking out, well, almost everything it could get its calloused little hands on. Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain have also taken home a few awards, while games like God of War III and Dance Central also made sure they wouldn't leave the evening's festivities empty-handed.

The awards are still in progress, so check back soon (or mash F5 furiously if you prefer) to see the full list of winners.

Outstanding Achievement In Animation

God Of War III

Outstanding Achievement In Art Direction

Red Dead Redemption

Outstanding Achievement In Visual Engineering

Heavy Rain

Outstanding Achievement In Gameplay Engineering

Red Dead Redemption

Outstanding Achievement In Character Performance

Red Dead Redemption

Family Game Of The Year

Dance Central

Racing Game Of The Year

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Pioneer Award

Bill Budge

Jay Mohr Award For Listening To His Monologue

Some Dude In The Audience

Outstanding Achievement In Story

Mass Effect 2

Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year

Mass Effect 2

Outstanding Innovation in Gaming

Heavy Rain

Hall Of Fame Inductees

Ray Muzyka & Greg Zeschuk (BioWare)


    I read this:
    "Red Dead Redemption

    Family Game Of The Year"

    and my mind boggled.

    Then I realised I was reading it wrong.

      Me too!

      Then I saw Dance Central as racing game of the year...


    So basically the Academy Awards of the gaming? i.e. gifts for the big names as opposed to careful consideration of what the award is for. I mean really, Red Dead Redemption for Art direction? Character Performance? To be fair I suppose the others are at least arguably deserving, but this just reeks of industry pandering to me : /

      I try to ignore these "awards".

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