An Indie Answer To Angry Birds On The Xbox 360

There is currently no way to play Angry Birds on the Xbox 360. Indie developer FrozenSoft fills the gap as best it can with FishCraft, the epic battle between forces aquatic and feline. It's not all unoriginal!

To the untrained eye, FishCraft may look like nothing more than a clone of Rovio's ridiculously popular bird-flinging physics game. To the trained eye...well it still looks like a clone, but there are a couple of key differences that set it apart, if only just barely.

The ability to fire all your fish at once and explode into space (like a true nature's child) is certainly different, while an adjustable shot power brings FishCraft a bit closer to the good old trajectory shooters that inspired Angry Birds in the first place.

So, in the market for a blatant Angry Birds clone? Check out FishCraft on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now.


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