Angry Birds, Played In Real Life

If they're making an Angry Birds board game, and handheld slingshot, at some point we were bound to see Angry Birds, the backyard edition. It's at least as safe as lawn darts and just as plausible as intramural Quidditch.

The first two boards here are authentic to Angry Birds 1-1 and 1-2; I'm not sure what his third setup comes from. And while the video says "Angry Birds," the scenery suggests Angry Birds: Seasons. And where's the blackbird bomb? The cluster bluebird? The boomerang pelican?

Still impressive, but let's see this guy get past Level 3-19. Hell, let him build 3-19.

Real Life Angry Birds [Funny or Die]


    Thanks for putting up our video. I'm glad someone appreciates it and the detail we put into it. the third level we used whatever we had left that wasn't completely demolished. Another video may be in the works.... with more birds.... more levels... and a whole lot more AWESOME!

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