Another Use For The Konami Code

Another Use For The Konami Code

Some who have wrangled with Netflix customer support are aware of this, but it isn’t widely known. When it came time to give the movie service’s PS3 application a bailout menu to de-list the device from an account, they used the Konami Code.

A modified version, that is, as there’s no B or A on the PS3 controller. But the up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up is definitely an homage to the most famous cheat in console history.

What does it do here? Well it brings up a diagnostic screen, but it also allows one to conveniently deactivate the console from the streaming service, rather than going through the Netflix website and fumbling with it there. One may then activate it under a different account – which will remain the primary account unless it’s deactivated under the same process.

NeoGAF cinemaphiles figured this out back in November, but it hasn’t spread widely. Now you know. The person tipping it to us discovered it when he was having an issue with the new Netflix menu design. Seems that users are getting randomly assigned new versions on a test basis. Unfortunately, deactivating one’s account, then reactivating it, doesn’t seem to change which one you draw.

Netflix has Secret Codes on PS3 [Pocky Ninja]


  • The Konami Code is also usuable in League of Legends (I don’t remember the exact variation) where inputting it on the launcher will allow you to bypass a “Busy” server status and immediately play. With the implementation of login queues, it doesn’t seem to work other than getting you into the queue.

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