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You guys have any burning questions? About the games industry? About my current state of clothing? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    1. Have you played the demo for Bulletstorm yet?
    If so, what's your impressions?

    *cough competition cough* lol

    2. What game is due this year that you just wish they would hurry the f*** up and give to you now?

    3. whats your guess on the price for the PSP2? I refuse to call it by it's stupid placeholder name, btw..

      The Bulletstorm demo has made me want to buy the full game. It's an absolute blast! Carnage here, there, and everywhere. And just when you thought it couldn't get better, you find a new skillshot!

      I'm currently sitting at ~2400 (out of more than half a million) on the Xbox leaderboards, which makes me happy.

        I was pleasantly surprised at the fun you can have in this too. At first I thought it would just be a generic Unreal tech shooter but I have to say it does have a good atmosphere of just plain fun. Nice to see some games pulling back from trying to be too realistic to instead just make some crazy stuff.

        It is certainly very reminiscent of Unreal Tournament, a series that I loved.

        I played it... it made me want to buy it, but not on day one.
        The same with Crysis... that went from being a day on to a rental, thanks purely to the beta.

      I dunno about Bulletstorm. It reminds me alot of Mad World on Wii. Same kinda "quest for points" kinda deal, but I got tired of that very quickly and never actually completed it.

      I couldn't help feeling the same kind of apathy as I played through the demo, sure it's fun the first few times, but can I really see myself playing through a whole game of this...

      Unfortunately I'm back on the fence after playing the demo.

        I was exactly the same with Madworld. Love the art direction and the brutality of it all, but man did I get bored after a while and I didn't finish it either...ah well, I liked the Bulletstorm demo, but I am afraid that its all about points. I'm more a single player type of guy who likes a good story and maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree with this one, I guess I'll see soon - all else fails Killzone 3 comes out the same day...cait wait.

      1. Haven't played the demo yet because of Fatshady and Trial HD.

      2.The Last Guardian. Big time.

      3.Vague guess but anywhere between $499 and $599 would be my guess? They have to watch they don't head into Tablet territory with the price...

    Consoles are starting to lose me Mark. I can't go past how much cheaper everything is on PC.

    I mean I do like sitting on the couch playing ME2, RDR, single player games with a cinematic element to them. But other then that.

    Do you believe when people say "the pc is dying"?

    I have only recently gotten into pc gaming in the last 6 months and from what I can see it is by far stronger then any console.

    do you think there is a threat to gaming on the pc in the future?

      PC gaming is DAMN costly, when you think of upgrades and the such...

      At least with consoles once you buy the console that's it.. no new graphics cards or ram updates or anything....

      Thats what killed my PC gaming ways...

        I built my entire PC for $500 and have used second hand graphics cards forever. As a result, I have never been into PC gaming.

        It would be interesting to buy the same amount of games over a year, on one side you have the console remaining static but games costing more, on the other you have PC games being cheaper but hardware upgrades being required.

        An interesting point loops, but i agree, i certainly can't afford PC gaming. At least with consoles you have no hardware upgrades and games retain some trade in value...

          Yeah, trade ins is another massive plus point for console gamers.

          Unfortunately, though, you can't get mods on consoles.

          Also, console games drop in price soon enough, it's only people who buy at launch that are really spending any more...

          I couldn't build a PC.
          Console is the best way for me.
          Also I don't like being that close to a screen. Played some ME2 on PC and I just couldn't concentrate.

        But there not generally these days due to consoles there normally able to run on tech from 5 years ago( the same stuff the consoles now use)

        For some reason people seem to think they need to upgrade every 3 minutes

        Its even cheaper if you can wait and not buy new release on day 1 and wait for the awesome steam sales every 6 or so months where you can end up with more than enough gaming goodness to last you till the next one

        Especially the publishers packs where you can get 10 games for less than a single console game

        Not to mention the fact that alot of people already have a computer and funding the extra Monet will still likely leave you ahead(I got dead space 1 for 2.50 from one of the steam sales

        PC gaming really isn't that expensive if you take "bang for your buck" approach. I just built a new PC about 6 weeks ago for under $900. It plays every game I own (I have 100+ on Steam) at 1920x1080 and all settings on high. Prior to this build, the last PC I built was in 2006, and that PC is still going, all I've done in that time is replace the graphics card once and now my Fiance uses it to play WoW, TF2, L4D etc.

        I'm a big fan of all forms of gaming, I have all current gen consoles (multiples of some) but I feel like consoles are really lagging behind at the moment. I played the bulletstorm demo on Xbox 360 the other day and I was not impressed. It seemed to be barely running at 30fps, the resolution is upscaled, and honestly, after just finishing ME2 on PC last week, the Unreal 3 engine is capable of much more. Lets hope the PC version looks better and runs faster because I am excited for Bulletstorm.

          I'm about to buy a new PC off a mate for a new setup. I haven't owned a desktop PC for more than ten years. I plan to use it for home office/Steam etc. Any general tips?

            make sure the parts are decent, if you could put in the specs of whats in the system and the price your mates asking i can tell ya if its worth what he's asking.

            And matts got the right idea, bang for buck is the easiest way to get into pc gaming. What people don't realise is that tech is waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of games. A simple $900 (hell even less) will run ALL games just fine. Game tech is always slower than computer tech. Every 6 months or so theres new faster tech, it can take like years for games to catch up.

      PC is definitely not dying - I think it's actually in the process of finding an entirely new niche, with different audiences and different types of games. Steam is frickin' awesome, as are the Indie games that come through there. MMOs, of course, are going strong.

      I think we're seeing the AAA PC market slowing down a bit, especially at retail, but it's in a bit of a transition period towards digital only.

    Kotaku AU or yourself doing anything for E3 2011?

    Do you like haggis? How does the Australian version stack up against the Scottish version?

      What is the australian version of Haggis?



        lx Oven set to 509 dg. celcius
        lx Good size baking dish
        lx Very Sharp Knife
        lx Needle and Cotton
        Lots of Chux Supawipes
        Garlic, cloves, oatmeal, suet, salt/pepper to taste
        lx Home Tanning Kit (For hide)
        lx Kitchen Blender
        lx Big Sink or Bathtub (For skinning)
        lx Wcmbat (Preferably alive, but a fresh road-kill will do)

          Man, slap that in some batter and deep fry it and I'm game! :)

      Sorry guys, but I bloody hate Haggis.

      Porridge, on the other hand, is amazing.

        I used to hate haggis but developed a taste for it later in life. Black Puddin' however? Fark no. Makes me want to boak at the smell.

    Do you know if that Xbox 360 Foxtel thing is any good? I would expect it to be terrible, but maybe I'm wrong!

    If you don't know, is there any chance you could approach them to get a review account and give us your impressions?

    I'll admit that there is currently very little chance of me signing up, but I reserve the right to change my mind if it is actually good.

      Someone on my friends list has it. I was actually going to ask them. If i see them on again (can't remember who?) i'll ask for you.

        Just asked him. Will let you know. I actually dont recall how he ended up on my FR list so not sure if he'll respond. Hope it is not someone from this site that i speak to. Damn gamertags not being your online names (looking at you Ambrose).

      While convenient, I've heard it chew up a few hundred Mb per hour of watched content. Which is unsustainable on most internet plans.

      If you have unlimited downloads, it shouldn't be a problem, though.

      IIRC everything is kind of 'on demand', so you don't have to wait for shows to come on. I could easily be wrong, however.

      Do you have an endless stream of bandwidth?
      If no, then don't bother.

      Also, i find it hard to conceive on why people still feel they need foxtel, especially with the constant addition of new free-to-air channels...

        The only real reason I see for Foxtel is sport - and they know this, which is why they force you to subscribe to all the other crap as the base package, then pay extra for the sport. And I'm pretty sure that live matches are not possible with the Foxtel system anyway.

        But my request for some kind of review still stands. While it's worth taking bandwidth usage into account, let's assume that I will always have enough available to watch what I want.

        Which are months behind the us although I don't have foxtel either but australian tv is rather pathetic

        A wife that can't life without it?????? That's one possibility!, An $80 a month possibility.

          Time for a new wife!

            Dude, first you mock my wording around door building then suggest breaking up my family... you are on a roll.

            BTW, I am laughing while saying this. I literally lost a friend because of one smart arse comment facebook (no longer use it) a year ago so wanted to be clear... but yeah, I'll be sure to tell her about this mate!

        Agreed. Minus some sport and SNL, there's nothing that different to justify getting it.

        ...well, seeing as I can't afford it, that's what I keep telling myself anyway...

      My other bro-in-law came over to watch the Australia loose the soccer final last week.

      Sign up was pretty painless, but not having used Foxtel much before, I didn't get the definition between on demand and signing up to a plan.
      I figured I could watch the soccer game 'on demand', but that's not how it works.
      On demand is for one off TV shows from defined series and movies, where as the subscription gives you live access to the major channels.

      Once I'd filled in the forms and logged in on the xbox, we were up and running instantly.

      We watched for about 4 hours on high quality, and the data usage was around 3800gb. I tend to round up, so I figure data is around 1gb/hour.

      My wife (on maternity leave) thinks she will watch around 4 hours a day, so I'm estimating that to be around 80gb a month.
      I've upgraded to a 100gb plan, and she is watching on low quality for the rest of the month until it ticks over.

      We are on FTTH, so the stream was seamless.
      As for quality, I'm pretty picky, so I wasn't overly impressed. Looked a bit like a 400-600mb tv episode. Not rubbish like a 300, but not as good as a 1gber.

      The interface is simple, although it shows channels that are not included in your plan - cheap shot at an upsell I guess.

      The only thing is, I haven't been able to find the 'proper' way to actually launch the Foxtel app.
      At the moment, I'm going Video Marketplace, then finding the Foxtel sign up ad. Loading that will start the app.
      Had a quick look, and can't find a reference to Foxtel anywhere else which seems a bit counter intuitive...

      Anyway, wife has Nat Geo for $19.95 a month now, so happy days!

        Official word - the approximate data usage used when viewing one hour of Live TV is:

        High Quality: 800MB
        Medium Quality: 540MB
        Low Quality: 360MB

      I was offered the chance to trial Foxtel, but passed because they were asking for my LIVE email password. :(

      I've heard the streaming is a bit chunky. Not really perfectly placed to make a call. I like the idea because I want to watch the Premiership without the hassle of installing and price plans, etc.

        There is a free trial if you want to check it out - which is what I did before I signed up.
        When it asks for your username & password just hit B & it will go into the interface. SKY News is completely free as a trial.
        I use it a lot but I watch a ton of movies - so the movie channels are a good buy at $10 a month for 100 movies on demand, live channels & then another 250 movies that are pay per view.

          Could you point me in the direction of the info for the trial?
          I was looking in to it as well, a trial to check it out would be great.

    A while back you had an article about asking Q's to console manufacturer's (specifically MS, Sony and Nintendo I think). What ever happened to that? I remember the MS Q's being asked, but never any response, nor seeing any Q's being asked to Sony or Nintendo.

      It's pretty ridiculous. Nintendo are dragging their feet.

      Every time I ask Microsoft they say the answers are almost here. By the time we get them back the answers will be bloody irrelevant.

      Sorry to everyone who posted questions. Honestly. Very sorry.

    Are you actually gonna answer stuff, or is this some social experiment and you're stringing us along?


      Sorry dude, last week was crazy busy and I forgot. My bad!

        Damn! The one time you answer my question, I have nothing interesting to ask and it accidentally sounds like criticism :/

    i'll bite re: state of your clothing.

    have you started wearing shorts now that it's warmer? do you like shorts? are they comfy and easy to wear?

    t-shirts, polo shirts or cuffed shirts?

      I have started wearing shorts. Today I stupidly wore jeans. Much regret and sweat is the outcome.

    Open to the masses.

    Black ops supposedly lets you take 2 people online via split screen. I say supposedly as it was also supposed to have a lot of local split screen options for games which apparently didn't ship with the disc, and only 1 interesting one has been shipped since then which is bots. Other than that it has less options than previous iterations. I could rant for hours on that, but back to the question.

    Can you system link black ops with more than one person per console? For example can I have 2 people on 2 consoles system linked to have a 4 player local game?
    Like say Halo, the only game not to have completely ignored the split screen gamers.

      We ran an xbox LAN recently and although I didn't actually play, I saw a few consoles linked up with 4 players per projector.

        This would make me very happy

    Why is there problems posting a comment sometimes?
    Tells you to click here to comment using your FB account, click it and nothing..same screen.
    Tells you that you're logged in but nothing.

    It's been so squirrely lately that I've even seen myself logged in as some completely random person on my home pc that I won't even let my wife and kids use.

      I've been getting that a LOT too.. I'd love to be more active on the Talk Amongst Yourselves and the like, but I see myself logged in on Facebook with some random name, or I can't comment at all, and so I remain silent. Til now, of course.

      I have a problem like this when I post from home. My fiancees FB profile is always logged in and nothing changes when I try to log her out. Are you using firefox? I have thought of changing browser to see if that fixes the problem.

      Going to forward this to the tech guys see if we can fix it. Sorry to everyone affected!


    It's easy for anyone to pick up a pen and write a book (or some kind of text), or to pick up some crayons or pencils and draw a picture, or even, by comparison, easy to pick up an instrument and play some music.

    Do you think it's too difficult for people to make videogames?

      Obviously there are barriers to entry, but making a game is easier now than it ever was. Going to Game Jam really proved that to me.

    When is the article on Game Jam coming? Are you going to have details on the Melbourne one as well? (I was one of the jammers there).
    We need more coverage on this to draw attention to aussie developers or potential developers!

      It's on the site now. Please read it and share it with all the Jammers!

    Why can't you fix the comment system, it's unreadable, wah wah whinge.

    *cough* Sorry.

    But in all seriousness, is there anything that commenter's do on this site that annoys you? Mine is the example above, but I'm not the editor, so it doesn't really matter.

      I hate it when people reply and don't really have anything to say... just sayin is all!

      My solution is to set up an unnoficial kotaku community in the Hyper forums. They have been dying of late and could do with a high posting member injection. It's not to far a stretch as former kotaku editor now reigns supreme at over at next media.
      I love my kotaku but I have lost count the times I have not bothered to comment or follow up in the talk amongst yourselves forum because of the painful process that it is.

      I'm not just sucking up, but this is easily the best community I've ever been part of. It's my favourite part of working at Kotaku.

      I don't think anyone has ever annoyed me here. I don't mind the criticism at all if I get it, because it's usually measured and fair.

      As for the comments and accessibility - it's something we're working on, and the redesign will fix up a lot of your issues! :)

    Any news on Puzzle Quest 2 for PSP? The last news said it was coming at the end of last year, which obviously didn't happen.

      I'll have a wee check for you - don't know off the top of my head!

    Fast-forward. Pause. Stop right there. It's 2025.
    You're a major movie star and Hollywood A-List after
    being adopted into the Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and
    Ashton Kutcher family - five years ago on
    this very day.

    Bruce (new dad) & Ashton (new dad 2) arrive home
    late one night and begin arguing with Demi
    Moore (new mum). Things quickly escalate and even
    faster still descend into a good ol' Mexican stand-off.
    With all guns drawn, this looks like the final
    scene from Reservoir Dogs.

    You have just arrived home after spending some
    of your vast fortune on a priceless American
    national treasure: the original Henry rifle presented
    to Abraham Lincoln by the New Haven Arms Company.

    Trigger happy and keen to try out your newly acquired
    historic treasure, you enter the fray with glee and
    reckless abandon. This is your moment to shine.

    Ashton is going to shoot Bruce. Bruce is going to
    shoot Ashton and Demi is alternating her aim
    between Bruce & Ashton.

    Your hungry for a piece of the action and are
    desperate to fire the first shot; you aim the Henry Rifle
    and push gently on the trigger. You need to make
    a decision and fast:

    1 -
    If you kill Demi Moore: Bruce will kill Ashton and
    you can live a beautiful life with Bruce (Dad 2)
    in the Hollywood hills.

    If you kill Bruce: Ashton and Demi survive and
    return to being your beloved parents and lavish you
    with money and priceless artefacts and all
    manner of splendid things.

    If You Kill Ashton: Demi shoots Bruce and you
    and your new mum embark on a Thelma and
    Louise crime spree - complete with Brad
    Pitt onboard - on your way to a new life and
    new identity in the heart of Mexico.

    Who do you kill & why?

      for some reason i read that with the tune of vanilla ice in my head

    So the photo i posted on TAY?
    Do we get an explanation or leave it up to our imaginations.......?

    Asked this somewhere else but didn't get a response. Trying again.

    The Witcher 2 is coming out soon and it originally had a Collectors Edition in Australia with a bust of Geralt etc. Now the only collectors we get is Premium edition which is well... meh. Any word on whats going on with the retail release of The Witcher 2?

    Hey Mark, I've noticed that all US Gawker Media sites have undergone/are all undergoing an extensive site redeisgn. Is the same thing going to happen to the Australian ones?

    If so, can we not have the stupid video autoplay feature? It's really annoying and unnecessary.

    I remember you mentioning on an article about WWE All-Stars that you did a PhD on pro wrestling. Could you elaborate on that a bit? What was the topic exactly? What did you major in to do that? Is it available online?

      I'll try and copy it off my old crappy laptop for the guys that asked.

      The PhD was on the meta-narrative of wrestling that has developed with online websites constantly trying to second guess storylines through what's happening with backstage gossip. And how the WWE tried to second guess that sort of thing by integrating backstage gossip into storylines. Just about 'works' and 'shoots' - and how they tried to blend the two.

      Remember the Hardy/Edge/Lita feud that was based on the real life love triangle between those two? Things like that.

        Dr Serrels??

        Am I the only person in the world who didn't know?

    Hey Mark, where are the competitions kept now mate? Are they just in the posts and no longer under a separate heading?
    Also, will deus ex: hr be worth it?

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