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You guys have any burning questions? About the games industry? About my current state of clothing? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    What do you think of this gem???

      SMBC is (almost) always hilarious, and this just proves it. Awesome job, Zach Weiner.

      That just made my day.

    does Two Worlds II have a solid release date? Everywhere I look either says "early 2011" or has a release date, but no two dates are ever the same. Cheers!

      Two Worlds II hit Steam on 3rd of Feb.

      Dungeon Crawl in Melb have had it for weeks, good game!

    Hey Mark having experienced the 3ds what do you think happens if you take a picture of the 3ds screen with the 3ds' 3d camera? will you see into another dimension or break the space-time continuum.

      I reckon you'd see a 6D image (or maybe 9D?). Your brain and/or eyeballs may or may not explode.

      Maybe you get the Droste effect...


        Check the Hsien effect:

        Not so meta...

    Where's Max Payne 3?!

      I've been assured it's still being worked on. Rockstar tend to speak only about their next release and nothing else! At the moment it's all about LA Noire. I'm sure once that's released we'll be bombarded with MP3 info.

        PS, sorry to pester you about this every week, Mark. Just feels good to get seconded by "The Cracks", and feel like I'm not the only one who still holds out hope this will be a great game. :)

          Think nothing of it old bean! I hassle Rockstar every time I go over to their offices. I loved where they were taking the series.

      Take-Two said in an investors call this week that said "There is no update on that title at this time" in regards to MP3. Which probably means WE HOPE YOU WEREN'T LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT MAX PAYNE CUZ DAT SHIT BE CANCELLED Y'ALL

    Any official word yet on 3DS game pricing in Australia?

      I'll see what I can get you tomorrow, but as of right now, the [retailer name REDACTED] internal database lists no retail prices or cost prices. I don't think there's any info floating around yet.

      Like I said, I'll try to get back here tomorrow around lunchtime (WST).

      No official word - I think it will vary a little. $59.95- 79.95 is what it's looking like...

    What's the Australian launch lineup for 3DS? How much will games cost? Will it be backwards region locked (ie: if I import will my local DS games work)? What colours do we get? What will happen to our Kotaku heroes next week?! How many pants are you wearing?!?

      Actually, I can answer some of these now that I've arrived at work.

      We're getting Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue, just like the EU.

      We're getting the following games at launch, confirmed from Nintendo:
      - Nintendogs and Cats
      - Super Street Fighter IV
      - Steel Diver
      - Pilot Wings Resort
      - Splinter Cell 3DS
      - Asphalt 3DS
      - Lego Star Wars III Clone Wars 3DS
      - Ridge Racer 3DS

      Nothing else has an AU release date yet. So while it's possible more will launch with it, don't count on it. I don't have prices yet, either :(

      I can't say explicitly where I got this information from, but I'll say that it's information that Nintendo supplied a retailer.

      Ooh, I -can- say that we expect the pricing to be between $69.95 and $79.95, but there's still no official word there. Best I can do right now!

    What happened to 'I Am Alive'?
    Does XCOM have a release date?

      Apparently I Am Alive is going to be released via digital distribution this year. What a trouble development cycle it has had.

        That story suggesting that the title would be released only via digital distribution has been withdrawn or annulled by whoever wrote it, and Ubisoft denied it as well.


        No it will not be released via Digital Distribution - that was a joke from a french site that Ubisoft failed to quell before the internet ran with it.
        Ubisoft have been quiet on the development but it is still a full retail release.

      Oops, I just asked that same question! Teach me to read first, ask later next time.

      Hey Nick - it's gone digital as mentioned above. Ubisoft has gone silent on it. Not a good sign. It's a shame since I thought it was an awesome concept.

    This question is also for anyone to answer:

    So I've made a vow to buy more games than ever in 2011 but the one sticking in my craw is Dragon Age 2. I'm currently 35+ hours into Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition and can plainly see I have have about 15,475 hours of content left to go.

    Which will probably take me well into 2012. If at all. There's a billion other games to play.

    My query is thus: Do I continue grinding away in DA? The story is amazing but the quests take so goddamn long to complete. I'm in Orzammar and getting any of those dwarven bastards to do ANYTHING for me requires me to undertake a multi-layered, six-part, four-hour quest to track down their lost kid or something. I've been to Redcliffe and being tasked to get help against Loghain and Orzammar was my first stop. Are these monumental yet tedious quests all throughout Ferelden or is it just these drawven pricks?

    Will accept TLDR as a response.

      Man I love Dragon Age, I didn't even realise it took so long, I was having so much fun. Prolly why my wife was hovering with the kitchen knife...

      I'd stick it out.

      Truth is I have never done the last two DL contents. I am part way through the first. Started a new game as an Arcan Warrior and was having more fun with the spells...

      Hoping to do it all before DA2 hits.

        You could always shorten the playtime with a walkthrough. It didnt seem that long - I'm on my third playthrough, although I dont have any DLC content.

        It is worth finishing!

      Was considering playing through Dragon Age - thanks for the heads up. Not going to bother now!


        I'm with Jimu :D


      (late reply)

      I had a similar problem, the game is truly so ridiculously, insanely long that I'd forgotten most of what happened in the first 50 hours by the time I got to the last 50.

      But it's worth it.

      If any game has *ever* shown you the 'story' of a hero, it's Dragon Age: Origins (and if you have the Ultimate Edition, Awakening does an amazing job of continuing this on). The length of time you spend with this avatar - and the story you go through - is so detailed, rich and (yes) long that by the end of it you really do get an amazing sense of achievement.

      It's also worth mentioning that you can import your DAO save into DA2 if you transfer your save from Origins to Awakening then from Awakening into Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt (in that order, weirdly) - giving you even more of a sense of a persistent world.

      TL;DR? Persist. It's an amazing game, a great storytelling experience and by the end of 120 hours or so you'll feel as though your character is the most powerful and influential freaking thing on the planet (which s/he is :D)

        Thanks for the reply.

        I think my problem is I want to do EVERYTHING in DA. Talk to everyone, check every shop/house, do every pointless side mission. And jeez that can be tiring. I remember playing Fallout 3 for 75+ and by the end of it, I never wanted to see Fallout again.

        It will have to go on the backburner for now. I'll probably restart someday in 2012.

    Do you think the street pass or lack thereof in Australian 3DS models is due to privacy concerns. As many people may know Australia has one of if not the toughest privacy regimes in the world and companies get lambasted and fined a lot when they breach the rules

    The fact the DS's can talk to each other and play games with each other WITHOUT even asking you could be a problem here and nintendo could be taking the paranoid option.

    Serrels, might be worth raising this with Nintendo and then possibly also talking to the privacy commission and see if they would see technology such as street pass a breach of privacy.

    Now i wonder if someone like Domino will pop out of the wood work and completely shoot my theories down again :)

      I'm pretty sure Street Pass has to be enabled in the system settings menu.

        if that be the case then it really does make no sense we dont have it

      Please tell me where you heard that there's no Streetpass in Australian models. The documents I just received from my HO explicitly list it as a feature, so I'm not sure where you're getting that from.

        Nintendo at the 3DS launch said it apparently.

            Thanks for providing that link! That's new information that I've not seen.

            "The console’s much-praised Street Pass data exchange service was given a vague launch window of late 2011 to early 2012."

            Mark, can you get any more specific about this?

              Nintendo are coming over to the office this afternoon, I'll ask them then. Expect a vague non-commital answer.

                WOW! All of them?
                Say hello to Super Metroid for me...

                  I see them going to Kotakus old offfices to find a note that says
                  "Thank you Nintendo, but Kotaku is in another office"

            Pretty sure that story is mixing Spotpass up with Streetpass. Easy enough to do - I did the same thing when talking to Nintendo today. We're definitely getting Streetpass as far as I know.

      If you're talking about the wifi Spotpass 3DS stuff, the problem is getting stuff sorted on the Telco side of things apparently.

      Streetpass is coming to Australia as far as I know?

    Do you have a 'pile of shame' - a pile of games that are either unfinished or unplayed that you really want to get back to some time but never get around to? How do you prioritize which ones to go back to?

    My pile grows way too fast and I'm at the point that there's so many good games I can't actually pick one to commit to and finish. :( is a great place to encourage you to clear out your pile of shame! Not sure if registrations are still closed, though. They're planning on relaunching the site with a new design soon.

        Looks like a good site for tracking it, yeah. Registrations are still closed at the moment though :(

      I have a ridiculous pile of shame.

      It is shameful.

      I managed to get through a power through December, because my wife went on a lot of work trips. Still lagging behind though...

    Do you (or anyone else) know of a reliable site that lists game release dates for Aus.
    I generally use the retailer sites but its usually only the major hits they list prominently and only for the coming weeks to month and never in chronological order.

      When I need a release date, I either check the retailer website(s),, wikipedia, or google, or any combination of the above. Generally, though, it's tough, because very often there is no Aussie release date, even if it's different. Check for European dates, too, because we're usually on track with them.

        Thanks, Palgn release list is exactly what I was looking for.

    Being such a fantastic, handsome and humble individual, I won the Com Kudos. I sent you my Address, did you receive it?

    I think you should rename this segment to "Ask Kotaku".

    Just a suggestion and in no way is this meant as a slight. Its more a recognition of the amount of helpful readers that generally answer the questions here.

      Then again... I guess thats what "Talk among yourselves is for.

      Yeah, good point. I kept it as is, because that's the way it's always been! What do you guys think? Quite often by the time I answer the questions you guys have already had an awesome debate about it...

    Oooo, didn't notice an Ask Me Stuff was up; copying my question from the 3DS post.

    Would anyone know if the region locking on the 3DS would carry into old DS titles?

    I’ve got a mixture of Australian and American DS games for my old DS, and I’d hate to be locked out from playing half of them…

      AW!!! Me too!!

      Answer this, quick!!!!!

        the ds games will work

          I see no reason for Nintendo to enable region-free backwards compatibility. Please tell me where you heard that it will be able to play different region DS games.

          As an addendum, I'll remind you that both the DSi and DSi XL were both region locked. So I see no reason for them to change.

            DSi specific games are region locked, they are few and far between, pokemon being one of those.

            main DS release ie 99.9% are region free. To have regions in DSI carts it has to be programmed into the cart and the software. It wasn't done before so how can it be done now

            if the cart does not signify its AU, EU , JP, US which they do not (aside from marketing packaging) how on earth can they code that in

              Huh, you seem to be correct. I just tested Children of Mana which was a US game with an Australian DSi. Worked fine.

              I was under the impression, which was based on online readings and specific game returns/failures, that it was a universal region lock. Good to know it's less severe than that!

              Now the question becomes: Will my copy of Pokemon work on my 3DS?

                I believe the only region-locked Pokemon games will be the upcoming Black/White, because they have DSi features.

                I assume that means they also will be region-locked on the 3DS, unfortunately...

      At the very least, it messes with ad-hoc wifi local multiplayer. Or did on DS. I had a local copy of Bleach, my made had an imported US copy, and they wouldn't work together. So be wary of that! Make sure that if you import, all your friends do, too!

    Any news on whether Mike Patton will be returning for The Darkness 2?

      "I deserve a reward, cos I'm the best f*ck that you ever had. And if I tighten up my hole you may never see the light again. Don't say you're not, because you are. Don't say you're not, because you are. History telss us that you are!

      Aaaaand all I need is just one more excuse. You put up one hell of a fight. You put up one hell of a fight.I never felt this much alive, I never felt this much alive."

      Have shot an email out to ask. When I know I'll put up a story - cause it's an important question that needs to be answered!

    Australian PSN release date for Legends of War : Patton's Campaign?
    There is a broken icon on the PSN but the reviews etc look good nad its my style of game

    What do I get for getting the price right on the 3DS?

      Ummmm.....An autographed picture of yourself?
      Or one from Mark, i suggest the one i put on TAY last week.... :D

      You get my respect. Congratulations - you've earned it.

    Im looking at picking up a new laptop mostly for gaming and other occasional computing uses (reading kotaku etc)
    Any suggestions on what to look at or should I invest in a proper rig?

      I always have to recommend a full tower. That way, you can upgrade, and you don't deal with vendor-added trash like you get on most laptops. Additionally, the mobile chipsets and mobile graphics cards tend to be weaker than their desktop equivalents.

      Oh, and also... Under no circumstances buy any device from Apple or running their operating system if you want to get into gaming.

        Space is the only issue with a full tower, dont really have the necessary room for the full setup atm though im trying to rectify that.
        How about the Alienware gear, ive been looking at that as I might be able to get a decent discount through a family hook up

          Alienware is really just overpriced setups. You could easily buy the same components (minus the case) and build it yourself for probably half the price.

        I have an apple laptop, and it does me for gaming on the go. I boot into windows when I have to.

        If you want to game at home though, I'd get a full PC and pop in a decent video card. I use my Sony TV with the PC and it is great fun gaming at that size.

    What ever happened to the Ubi-soft game "I am alive".

    Oh, and where the hell is my Syndicate remake?

      Hahaha! Answered above!

      Yeah - where is the Syndicate remake!

    Are we finally getting shantae's risky revenge on dsiware this week?

    Also, one more week til Marvel vs Capcom 3 finally hits the shelves!

    ...oh, and Tactics Ogre too.

      Not happening from what I've heard - Vooks will do a round up this friday of all the Aussie store stuff.

    Are classification for demos named differently then the full game?

    I stumbled across this -

    ClassificationMA 15+Consumer AdviceStrong violence, sexual references, crude humour and drug referencesCategoryComputer GamesVersionORIGINALDurationVariableDate of Classification07/02/2011AuthorTAKE 2 INTERACTIVEPublisherTAKE 2 INTERACTIVEProduction CompanyTAKE 2 INTERACTIVECountry of OriginUSAApplicantTAKE 2 INTERACTIVEFile NumberT11/0494Classification Number245731

    I reckon its the rating for the DNF demo as the rating reflects that of DNF.

      Sorry people i thought that was the link but its the info from that page heres the link.

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