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    Are you really going to headslam that poor defenceless old man?

      the fact that he's been described as poor and defenceless means that hes a badguy

      it's just how video games work

      Slam him twice damnit

        Poor and defenseless? That's not an enemy (who can try to defend themselves) -or- an NPC (defended by invulnerability/plot shield); It's a chest, barrel, crate, etc.



          when i say poor and defenceless though i mean

          The guy who is obviously the bad guy but can't be shot yet because the game has to take place

          i mean MW2 i beat that crap before i made it out of training i shot the evil one when i was waiting :P

      If you heard what he said about my grandmother you'd headslam him to.

      You know, if you're nice to the guy throughout the conversation, he's all like "You know what? I like you, just because you're not a massive dick like EVERYONE ELSE!(*coughjimucough*)". :P
      He maybe an old drunkard, but he seems like a pretty cool guy.

    So, the DA 2 demo is only available top Gold members on LIVE.

    What's the deal? Isn't there supposed to be a promotion on involving a million DLs in the first week?

    I can't DL until the second week...

      I miss the days when 3/4 of my psone games were demo discs from magazines. These days you have to pay fees or preorder the game to get a demo. So much for try before you buy.

        I guess the downside to having those PS1 (and later PS2) demos on coverdiscs was that you had to buy the Offical PlayStation Magazine to get them. And that was a bad, bad magazine. Not sure if it still is, because I haven't bought it since demos became available for download :)

        Regarding the timing of the demo, I don't think it matters too much because the game isn't due out for a couple of weeks. So if it comes out a week later for non-paying users then they can still try it before it releases. Even if it comes out later, you can always hold off on buying the full game until after you've tried the demo. But in this particular case - where there's a bonus on offer if they get a certain number of downloads - then yes, I think it does become an issue.

        But I reckon even if they don't get the 1,000,000 downloads they'll still give away the free content anyway - they'll look like tightarses if they've made it and said they'll give it away free but then don't do so :P The same happened with a bonus bit of DLC for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (another EA game). They put up a trailer and said if it gets X number of views by a certain date they'd release a couple of free cars or something. They didn't get as many views as they were asking for, but released the free DLC anyway.

          When I was a teen if you registered your PSX with Sony they sent you free demos in the mail Quarterly.

          And when I was a teen ANY magazine was allowed to have demos and often most did. So you could get your demo and have a decent read.

          Internet has made all this pointless now (MOSTLY).

          Kotaku is my fave MAG.

          LIVE is my fave demo supplier.

            I registered but never got diddly from them for the PS1, although I got into that pretty late (1998 if I recall correctly). I think I got 2 or maybe 3 demo disks from them in the entire life of my PS2 (bought it xmas 2001).

            Sony squashed the playable demos on unofficial coverdisks around about the time I got my PS1, I believe. I certainly never got any demos off non-official mags.

            I'm not complaining - I'm saving about $15 a month (or whatever it used to cost) by not having to buy OPSM just for the coverdisk :) However, ot buying OPSM has also slightly increased my expenditure on toilet paper :P I'd still be coming out ahead overall, even with that taken into account.

      I actually don't have an issue with this being only available for gold members tbh. This is just a company increasing the perceived value of their 'premium' services. Im a gold member so it is very easy for me to say this, but I look at it as them giving the demo to their premium paying customers a week early, rather than giving it out to free users a week late. Glass half full/half empty discussion really.

      If you are paying between $50 and $80 a year, you want to feel special sometimes to justify this cost. Sure there is no reason to delay it and its not like you will get a different version, but there is really nothing bad about it.. just sucks for all those super keen silver members.

      I was going to suggest buying a 48 hour code from gamecard but they are out of stock...

      Your point about the competition however is completely awesome. I didn't put those two together so i totally support that point mate.

        Isn't that just artificially inflating the value without actually providing anything of benefit?

        Given that there's a PS3 and PC version available for consumption -right now-, I'd argue that Microsoft is definitely denying their Silver people content, not giving their Gold people content.

        If the PS3 and PC versions came out next week, I'd be saying the opposite.

          Damn.. good point. You win!

            The fact that everyone else has it and the competition too boot is what is irking me.

            Normally I would just wait cos who cares about a week?
            But the circumstances change all that this time.

      Or you can dload the demo on PC. Granted gameplay is a little different but if you need your Dragon Age fix ;)

      Strange decision. Don't get it. I was speaking to someone at THQ about LIVE demos. They have a huge impact. Some of the top demos get millions of downloads, so I don't understand why they would limit it.

      In my mind you either create a small paid for game like Dead Rising Case Zero, or you create a demo. I don't see the benefit of limiting it to gold members. Not at all. I don't see anyone paying to subscribe just to get a free demo.

        *waves hand* Pick me! I see the benefit!

        It's to Microsoft. Not to EA. Microsoft get to make their Gold pets feel all special while their Silver trash get another reason to upgrade. Or desert, but they won't advertise that :P

        In any case, I doubt that EA had any influence over the release of the demo on Xbox Live.

          Fen... I really resent being called a pet.

          That's the cost.
          Man up, and quit the tears.
          Either pay the fee, wait a week or get it on PC or PS3.

    One thing I've always wondered about what reviewers do with the promitional review copies of games after they're finished. Do they get kept, stored away, burnt in a great fire? I remember reading they get plastered with PROMOTIONAL ONLY - NOT FOR RESALE, and look quite ugly, I'm guessing to encourage you guys to buy them too. Ooh, and do you guys play the games at work or at home?

      I think the promo copy/not for resale thing is more so reviewers don't just take their copy down to EB and help populate the used game market. It's being given away free after all.

      I don't think it's there to encourage buying another copy. I have a stack of these and not once have I thought I'd need a prettier box/disk. It doesn't affect what you see on screen in any way.

      The review copy self destructs after 2 weeks.

      Goose gave me one for winning the Kotaku's Big Pile Of Crap Competition... when he was still here.

      So, maybe they get given as prizes.

      I can tell you that they connot be traded in for other games.

        I assure you that they can and will be sold on eBay, though :P

        *hugs his 'promotional' copy of Ace Combat VI for Xbox 360*

      I have a giant pile of terrible unopened promo games. I have no idea what to do with them!

      With good games I often give them out for Community Kudos. We also have a mini games library in the office, so people can borrow the games if they want to check them out.

    Is Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine still slated for Q3 this year? Haven't heard much lately

      Furthermore - will it come with the personal lubricant i require to really get the most from this game... alone... in a dark room... possibly with a helmet on...

      I asked and got a very vague '2nd half of the year'. So yeah, seems like little has changed.

        Thanks Mark. Better than nothing :)

    How many game devs still exist in Australia, nad how many are working on full console/PC titles and not just casual titles?

      Wasn't there some sort of informative graph about this posted in an article last week?

      I don't remember the name and can't really look for it right now, but I'm sure it was there...

      This graph was helpful...

    Legends of War: Patton's Campaign for PSP
    OZ PSNetwork release date?

    If you were going to have a cake, would you prefer a USS Enterprise cake or a Millennium Falcon cake?

      Could the Enterprise run an Imperial blockade, or make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?

      I thought so.

      Set phasers to "delicious".

    Hey Mark,

    How do you guys at Kotaku AU HQ decide which games to write about?

    Do you wait for people to contact you with information? Do you relentlessly pursue new information from the publishers directly? Do you only write about games which interest you? Do you ever get to write about games which noone else is talking about?

    I've noticed that there are some games which get great amounts of exposure on this website, and some games which don't. What factors contribute to this?

    I would like to point out that I'm not intending to make any sort of accusation or imply anything at all; I'm genuinely curious as to the process by which games are chosen to be written about.


      I asked David Wildgoose almost the same question. Also wondering how the prizes come about. According to him, it is a both of both. Sometimes the publishers say, "hey here's a TV to give away with a copy of the game". Sometimes it was Kotaku seeking them out.

      Also, with sooo many games and so very few writers at Kotaku, unfortunately some things just dont get the time. I think this is good really, otherwise we could be swamped under review after review after review etc. and not give much thought or discussion in them. So I think it works quite well.

      I'm not 100% sure if this is how things are still operating under our new Lord Sir Serrels King of Gingers, but I'm guessing its still the same or similar. :)

      Yeah, I tend to chase a lot of things that I think will be interesting, and generally I think I have a handle on what you guys want to read about.

      But I'd be keen to see what you guys think there's too much of, and what you'd like to see more of?

        I'm keen on Lego Star Wars III, Asura's Wrath and Space Marine, which I don't see too often on the ol' RSS feed, but gaining the chance to say that wasn't really the reason I asked this question ^^;

        Maybe though you guys could run a poll or something now and then for some games on the horizon to gauge interest? Maybe only feature obscure games? I don't really see it as a problem at the moment, as you guys have a great spread with great depth of discussion (Kotaku AU are way ahead of Kotaku US, I should add), but you were asking for solutions..

          It's good to hear what people think are being under represented. You try and get a spread, but sometimes it will end up skewing to my own personal interests a little, and that's not always a good thing!

            Then I stand my by idea of a general census. Maybe once a month, just throw up an article that sits up the top of the list until you've voted or until a week has passed.

            You'd just have a list of games which are coming out in the next 2-4 months, maybe with a theme behind it, and let people vote on what they'd like to read about!

            That said, I'm sure we'd end up with a million votes for Killzone, Uncharted, Call of Duty, and anything with "Halo" or "Gears" in the title. So maybe cut out the huge name ones you'd definitely write about?

            If you're looking for a more accurate representation of what people want, you simply have to ask!

            Thanks, by the way, for taking the time to respond to this question.


        Just as long as you don't pull a RockPaperShotgun and run a dozen Minecraft stories in a single week, I think we'll be fine.

        The Last Guardian.

        And lots of it.

          You don't have ask twice for that!

            I'd like to see you review Dragon Age or Dragon Quest IX and since were on the tpic...Blue Dragon.

            Seriously though wheres the RPG love?(ME2 don't count!)

              Is this part of your longstanding campaign to make me play Dragon Age? I haven't even finished bloody Dead Space 2 yet!

    Are you ignoring me?

    I thought we had something special, discussing Naruto, talking about ow young and stupid I am, but now, you just never seem to talk to me anymore.

    I... I thought...


    In actuality, I've sent you emails, which you haven't replied to, have you been too busy, or has the spam filter eaten them?

      Dude, I'm the worst emailer in the history of email.

      I just wanted to reply to you and say that our bond will never be broken.

      :D I'm glad its not just me! Haha, nah, I'd say he's just a very busy beaver and there's a shit tonne of us wanting him to play with us, like a kid with a new toy. :)

      I've found doing this sometimes works.
      *Q-Bo drops trousers and waits for a Serrels hug

        [serrels enters room, like a mouse sniffing cheese]

        Sorry guys - no excuse, but I have been mad busy in the last couple of weeks. Getting ready for GDC, heading to Melb, writing stories blah blah blah.

        [Offers massive group hug]

          It worked!!!

          Little worried about the cheese line thing...



          Time for a shower.... *whitles*

          I just sent you a work related email, you get?

          Alright Marky-Mark, I forgive you (that picture above gave me a smile), I just wanted to make sure my correspondences weren't being eaten by the spam filter, I'm not really worried about you replying late. I understand that you have a lot on your plate, being employed and all.


    The inFamous 2 special editions were announced for Europe and the US, but no release date or price was given for Europe. I was wondering if you knew anything magical about this/can contact Sony? Cheers!

      I'm almost 100% sure we'll get them - but I'll double check.

    Have you heard anything for SOE regarding the pricing issues in DC Universe? Particularly why the NZ PC gamers get to pay a US price?

      Sorry - haven't heard anything further. Sucks.

        Spewing, although I pretty much figured that would be the case :P

    I think this is one of the few...serious questions on here: I'm 19, currently without a job and getting into uni. I have money though through savings and such (and I'm finding another job as we speak) but it seems that spending money on games is no longer a priority anymore, I have bills, food and uni expenses to pay off and now I'm feeling the crunch. I guess I'm growing up when it comes to the real world:/ my question is- at what age did you feel this? Because I still have friends who will actually postpone bill payments and the like for a video game that costs over a certain amount. I just hope that I don't lose my passion for video games when I get older.

      About age 8 for me. Grew up poor, was always trying to prioritise what to buy when I was old enough...

      I think, like a lot of things, interest in games can be cyclical. There was a little period in my life between the tail end of the N64 and the release of the PS2 that I sort of drifted away for a bit. But you'll always come back to it.

        That was my beloved Dreamcast's time to shine!!!

          Msytery solved. It was Mark Serrels lack if interest that doomed the dreamcast to failure.

      I'd go without food... you'd be surprised how long you can survive on 2 minute noodles and chewing your own nails.

    Mark, no offence but why is this called 'Ask ME stuff'? When you actually only respond to like 10% of questions.

    I can only assume your busy with other areas of the site and various others things, but maybe you should rename it 'Ask me and others stuff and read inane banter that should be on Talk amongst yourselves and hope that maybe you'll actually get a response to the question that you had been invited to ask.'

      I just went through them all!

      Sometimes when I'm approving comments I'll answer them early, but generally I wait until about three when news slows down and answer them.

    Mark: Are you still doing the 'We Want Your Job' article as a regular or has it slipped through the cracks?

      Stop picking on The Cracks, he's a stand up member of the Kotakommunity!


    Here's a question about a specific game: What have you heard about The Old Republic and Australia? Will we be charged more than other territories for subscription (read: like every DC Universe)?

    And will we have a dedicated server in our territory (read: unlike any MMO ever made except Runes of Magic, which was a terrible WoW knockoff)?

    I know Telstra are awful bu-heeeey, there's an article idea! Mark! Can you get interviews with Telstra/Internode/et al and speak about MMO servers and other local dedicated support? I'd love to hear them try to defend their rates when faced with how we have to go through Sydney, to the US, to Japan, then to Singapore to play on (Starcraft II edition).

      Also, do you think Major Nelsons top secret mission to Austin was to get The Old Republic on Xbox... the way PS3 has DCUO?

    What happened to the "Tonight On Good Game" articles? I know that there are plenty of people that are too cool for Good Game since they gave Junglist the boot, but I still watch and enjoy it, and that article was always a reminder that it was on. In fact, I only found out by accident that it has been back for three weeks and has moved to Tuesday!

    Hey Mark. What would actually happen if I turned the power off while the game was saving? Would the console explode and go up in flames? Or would I just lose that save? Either way, I'm totally over seeing that message...

    You said in your previous posts that there was more information to come on your Bungie claims from last week.

    Are you prepared to make good on that?

    Or are you backing down? If so, don't you think you owe them an apology?

      I put up another post. I don't think I owe them an apology.

    Where am I going to get the best price for Bulletstorm today?

    EB & JB both seem to be priced at $108/$109.. I'm loath to pay over $100 for a game.

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