AU Diary: All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Most of my days at Kotaku are spent hunched over my desk, guzzling cans of Pepsi Max, but today I'm being let off the leash and heading down to Melbourne for the launch of de Blob 2 - I'm really looking forward to checking out Blue Tongue and seeing where all the magic happens.

In this day and age, Blue Tongue are a bit of an anomaly. Whereas most developers in Australia have started a sea change towards mobile development, Blue Tongue are still making traditional retail games. Maybe traditional is the wrong word, considering the fact that nothing about de Blob and its sequel is traditional besides the fact that you can buy it in Big W, but it is interesting that, while other Australian developers are shrinking their body weight and attempting to become profitable via smaller, more accessible mobile games, Blue Tongue are still successfully plugging away.

I think its a good sign. A sign that there's space for both types of studio in Australia. It's also a sign that the 'idea' is king - that innovation is King, as long as there are publishers out there supporting it properly. The de Blob series is successful, and will hopefully continue to be successful, because it's different and it works. As budgets spiral out of control, originality in gaming is becoming a rare commodity and if de Blob 2 is anything it's a celebration of innovation brought to life. I think the fact that this game was created in Australia, despite current conditions is something to shout about.

Anyways - I've got to go and pack now! Contrary to popular opinion, I do sometimes wear pants.


    I will be there, woop woop!! Go Bluetongue!! Go Australia!

    they best be lime green pants... the dress code is COLOURFUL... see you there.

    Haha awesome, will be there myself too :)

    Just heading into town to stock up on glow sticks.. We are gonna paint the night with colour

      Don't forget to take your tablets tonight, Stephen. You know what happened last time.

        Actually, I don't.... But the photos were illuminating. Btw, did you ever find that squash ball?

    I wish I could be there so I could tell them all that I love them :(

    "Ass" in your cheapskate article and "anyways" in this one? Are you sure you're australian?

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