Aussie 3DS Line-Up Revealed - We're Missing A Few

This morning we had a look at the US launch titles which, for the most part, seemed bountiful and magnificent. The Australian launch? Well, it's all a bit vague really.

Here's the confirmed US third party line-up:

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition The Sims 3 Madden NFL Football Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars™ RIDGE RACER 3D Super Monkey Ball 3D BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSE SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles Asphalt 3D Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D Rayman 3D Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

The Australian line-up? Well, according to Nintendo's press release, we're getting the three Nintendogs + cats SKUs and Super Street Fighter IV.

We gave Nintendo a call, because we thought we'd misread the release - and this is where things get a little confusing. Apparently all the other third party releases, the games being released day one in the US, will be released during the "launch window", which Nintendo are saying is between March 31 and June. This means that, at this stage all of those other games could come at any time within that launch window. We are expecting, however, to see most of the above US titles to also be available day one. At the moment the confirmed third party launch titles, in addition to Super Street Fighter are...

Super Monkey Ball 3D Ridge Racer 3D Rayman 3D Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D LEGO Star Wars III The Sims 3 LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D Asphalt 3D Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Rabbids Travel In Time 3D Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

The big surprise is that Pilotwings has just been slated for '2011', which we suspect means that the game won't be released during the 'launch window'. All is not lost, however. Nintendo tend to be very strict when it comes to release dates and are quite literally terrified of getting release dates wrong. There is a chance that game may make it to Australia before June, it's just not confirmed yet and Nintendo is simply playing it safe with the dates.

So what's your view on the launch titles? Are you more or less convinced on the 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.


    Region locking wouldn't be nearly as bad if Nintendo lifted their bloody game and made some effort to release games simultaneously in multiple regions.


    I guess when you region lock it, you remove a fair bit of the incentive to get your games out here on time since you don't have to worry about people importing before the official release.

    If Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D isn't out on launch there will be a LOT of very cranky people banging at nintendos door.....


    SSFIV 3D Edition on launch!!! YES! YES! YES!

    (The other launch titles sound crap)

    Ergh, I actually feel like my wallet has been robbed of 'me this year.., bills, expenses, food... Is this what growing up is? Damn! I think the 3DS is on the waiting table for 'me:/

    The launch titles aren't really that enticing so I'll probably hold off on getting a 3DS until they work out the kinks and have more titles available.
    (Region locking and the possibility of key releases not making it to Australia are turn offs unfortunately)

    Delays before the system is even released gives consumers absolutely no confidence to by locally and support Nintendo.

    I saw the link to this article over Twitter. As soon as I read "We’re Missing A Few", I lol-ed, the bad kind. Sigh. Australia Australia... why...

    This is the reason the 3DS isn't a day one buy for me.

    Wait so whats the incentive to buy Australian products again? Oh... none.

    Import the 3DS as well. Problem solved.

      This is sounding more and more like the most viable option.

    Well I wasn't really looking for another reason to not be excited for this, but there you go!

    Pathetic really, we get the 3DS a week after Europe and still don't get Pilotwings at launch. How can Nintendo Japan allow Nintendo Australia to screwed us so much?

      You're assuming too much. It's more like Nintendo Japan or Europe causing problems for Nintendo Australia.

    The only launch title I want is SSF4 anyway so I'm set!

    Even if we do get the majority of the games available at launch, I can't help but feel as though the launch of the 3DS, the software available (worldwide) is one of the weakest launches for any new hardware device in the last 15 years.

    Pathetic. Not even worth my time looking at a 3DS.

    Seriously, how can they market this against the iPhone with <$15 games like Chaos Rings and Infinity Blade?

      Infinity Blade can get really really repetitive and boring pretty fast in my opinion.....

      Deathsmiles was recently announced for iphone/touch. Games like those make me glad I got one.

      Even the weakest 3DS game will curb stomp Infinity Blade.

      I'm not sure where the misconception that this is a good game come from. It's pretty, yes. But at the end of the day, it's a featherweight touchscreen swipe game in the vein of Fruit Ninja with some flimsy RPG elements.

    Price of entry too steep and no Castlevania.

    No early-adopter love for 3DS here, soz Ninty.

    Bye bye 3DS. Nintendo really killed my motivation for a 3DS, which is quite a feat because I was originally keen for it. But nasty price, region locking and boring line up has burried it really deep. Now let's see what the NGP will offer.

    Ughhh. I was kind of on the fence about importing because of GAME's fantastic trade in deal for the DSI XL ($200 credit), but this has really tipped me over.

    Gerry Harvey can suck it, I'll sell my DSI on ebay.

    PS: Mark, have you heard anything about the prices for the games?

    I am truly saddened by this, but I'm not surprised. I was ALWAYS the hardcore Nintendo gamer for a long long time. I had the NES, got it for Christmas 1991, Super Mario Bros 1 and two controllers, Super Mario Bros 3 for a Birthday, then moved onto the SNES, then N64, GameCube etc, but as time went by, and I bought a Wii I realised that Nintendo was no longer the company I loved when I was growing up.

    How can you NOT have a Zelda or Mario game ready for launch with a new console. It was bad enough there was no Mario title when the Wii launched. Nintendo PLEASE make sure if you are launching a new console have Mario and Zelda ready to go.

    In saying this, I was over a friends house last weekend and he fired up Donkey Kong Country Returns, and there it was, it was Christmas 1994 all over again, which makes me want to now buy a Wii.

    So Nintendo, PLEASE PLEASE focus on the strengths of the heritage that you have.

    I will state that I now only have a PS3, so not an XBOX gamer.

    I am so pissed with Nintendo for this. First they over price it even though there's a direct exchange with the US dollar. Then we get it after everyone else has it, AND we get half the games everyone else does! Pilotwings was the only launch title that interested me, and it was even available at the pre-release events! How do they expect anyone to buy this on release when there aren't any games worth playing available on release!? Pathetic Nintendo, I hope it flops over here just to spite you, and then I'll import one from the US.

    Meh. I will get it anyway. I made the mistake of preordering from the game nazis, EB. Then I saw that everywhere else were offering deals.

    to person who is like oh well i pre-ordered nothing else i can do but buy it now anyway, you know you could just cancel pre-order and get it elsewhere or not get it at all

    only reason i got DS was for my mario fix, it was choice between buying new super mario on wii and a wii or the DS which came with mario 64, i am actually glad no games like mario, or lylat wars or castlevania games coming out at launch, will be cheaper to buy the hardware once those games do come out

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