Aussie Nintendo Store - Fluxing good time!

The final entry in the BIT.TRIP saga is finally upon us, better still Aussies don't miss out on it! There isn't much else this week apart from said Flux, but if you have a Wii - you should have at least one of these games.


BIT.TRIP FLUX (Aksys Games, 800 points) - The crown jewel in this week's update is also a sad one as it's the final installment of the BIT.TRIP series which started on the Wii and has gone onto bigger things. This one resembles first BIT.TRIP game but brings a whole range of cool new features to the mix.

WiiWare Demos

Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1 - Game definitely for the kids, or if you really want to be educated on the Wii.

Hoopworld: BasketBrawl - Yes, as the name suggest this one contains both hoops and fighting. Not as bad as it sounds.


Bejeweled Twist (PopCap Games, 500 points) – Think Nintendo's delays are bad sometimes? This one came out in the US on December 2009. You don't need me to explain what Bejeweled is.

Panda Craze (TiK Games, 500 points) - While we appreciate the effort, this puzzler is worth avoiding. It's just no fun.

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    Any reason why your are not reporting that MK has been RCd??

      Maybe because this article has nothing to do with that at all?

    man I made a "Basketbrawl" custom stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl... it was awesome. Too bad no one wanted to play with me.

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