Aussie Nintendo Store: No Shantae And It Sucks

Aussie Nintendo Store: No Shantae And It Sucks

This week’s update was supposed to be a celebration; it was suppose be a joyous occasion filled with booze and hookers. No wait, that was last weekend. This update was supposed to be the release of Shantae Risky’s Revenge on DSiWare.

It’s still coming out, it hasn’t been canned – it’s still coming out in Europe, it’s out in Europe as you read this; where it’s not out is here in Australia. Yes, the best game on DSi, a solid reason to even pick up DSi or 3DS (it’s that good) will not be coming to Australia – possibly ever.

Your next question will be why. That’s easy to answer – it’s because… no wait, we don’t even know that either. WayForward, the guys and girls behind Shantae Risky’s Revenge, have said that ‘We don’t have a lot to say about an AU release at this point.’ When poked back on Twitter by myself, they continued to say they didn’t know why they couldn’t release it in Australia.

My suspicion? The reason we miss out on most games week in and week out? WayForward doesn’t believe they can sell enough copies of the game here in Australia in order to cover the huge costs of classification. The irony is if they released it on iOS or Android, they wouldn’t have to pay. You know who loses out in all of this? Australians. That’s you.

There’s some other stuff out this week, I’ve written this on Friday night when Nintendo Europe announce what they’re releasing. Let’s see how many of these games we get below.

Hip Hop King: Rytmik Edition (Cinemax Games, 800 points)
Model Academy (Tivola, 500 points)
101 Dolphin Pets (Teyon, 500 points)

Cosy Fire (dtp Entertainment, 500 points)
Viral Survival (NIS America, 500 points)

We got Hip Hop King: Rytmik Edition and that’s it. For Shame.

You can check out all the latest Nintendo news over at Vooks.


  • Chalk me up as one of those ‘wouldda bought a 3DS for this game’ the first was a challenge to track down and was a delight to play. This: this is lame.

  • This highlights 2 of the biggest issues in gaming. Region locks and classification inequalities. I think we should just PEGI and be done with it.

  • Being a digital download like ios and android, guess what, it under the current regime and laws does NOT have to be classified

    Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo just go through the usual classification because they feel its the right thing to do

  • I could’ve swarn I’ve seen stuff on the PSN that ain’t rated. I just checked, it’s stuff in the mini section that aren’t rated.

    Yet on Steam they’re still offering unrated games to the Australian public. Good intimidation job there OFLC/censorship board.

    As for Shantae in the US, well it’s all ready been classified by ESRB as E10+. So that’s what PG down here?

  • Shame we can’t have an internation base classification system where every agrees what’s in the game, then each country slots that into their ratings criteria.

    But also, governments and regulatory bodies seem content to screw around with old systems designed for a previous era…

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