Aussie Nintendo Store: Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop

I hate to sound like a broken record, but really we're in the same situation again; another week with just one or two games out of the 6 Europe got in the same update. Frankly, it's getting to be a bit poop. Which brings me to the first game of the update: S.C.A.T (see what I did there?).

Virtual Console S.C.A.T (600 Points, NES) - Jokes about its name aside, S.C.A.T is a competent side-scrolling shooter game that places you square in the middle of a war with the Supreme Commander Vile Malmort. Your mission: kick their ass of course.

DSiWare Gold Fever (500 Points) - Shock horror, another puzzler for DSiWare this week. The time it's a coin-flipping bonanza set during the American Gold Rush. According to the developers, there are 160 levels. Big ups to the developer for at least releasing it in Australia.

Oh, next week there won't be any complaints. Why? Because, finally, we get Shantae: Risky's Revenge. The best game on Nintendo DSiWare bar none.

Get excited folks.

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    You could just say the release is shit.

    Love the title.

    Also the song. Love the song.

    Don't hold your breath for Shantae on the Aus store next week, unless the game gets OFLC'd in the next few days we'll be out of luck :(

    Someone has just reminded me that Shantae isn't classified and thus means might not be coming out next week. Investigating folks!

    Augh. Are we EVER going to get Fluidity?

      We already have Fluidity :)
      It's called Hydroventure here and in the UK, it's quite good so far too. It released on Christmas Eve.

        D:| how did I not know that. Thankyou so much!

    So far the only game I'm interested in is Zelda OoT, and thats not even available on release. lol

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