Australia's Video Gaming Heritage

Earlier last year the Goose posted this incredible pictorial history of Australians featured in games, but now Andrew Burdusel is back, with an updated version, featuring almost every Aussie that every featured in a video game.

Click the pic for a full-sized gander. You'll be glad you did.


    Not only is that pic amazing! (I love it)

    But also, in that previous article you link to, you are the second person to comment!
    I didn't know you were a part of the community before becoming editor! xD

    Double Blind Mown!


    You got my name wrong grrrrr :)

    Heh, thanks for posting it. Also, big thanks to all the people who gave me some awesome suggestions on the first article

    Way cool Andrew. And you said it wouldn't be ready til Monday!
    And just when we think Mark can't get anymore awesome he does it IN THE PAST!!!

      We at Kotaku have seen some serious shit.

      Also, bloody good effort Andrew.

    Naughty Dog deserves a medal. Not only is Shaky Jake the most stupid Australian character of all time, he is probably one of the most stupid characters to have even been conceived. If you have time, look up gameplay of “way of the warrior” on YouTube, the game is so hilariously bad it’s almost brilliant.

    They went from that to Uncharted....

    Hahaha, "Redfern Kebab". Is that the one with the special side-order of getting mugged?

    Also, while the history of Saxton Hale's Australia may be a bit absurd, it is still undeniably awesome. An entire spectrum of moustache sciences, guys.

    Why is Saxton Hale there but not the Sniper?

    Also lol at the Australia has no roads bit.

      The sniper was in part 1

    PFFFT, worst list i have ever seen,

    There has always been an Aussie in the HALO games. i've played every one appart from ODST, and the Aussie dude / actor would be fucking raging right now.

      The person you are talking about is actually on the list :)

      8 down from the top. Right inbetween a stupid raccoon from the Sonic universe called "Sheila" and Mystical Koala from the Sly universe called "The Guru"

      I even made a joke about his stupid over-the-top Australian bogan name "Chips Dubbo"

      Look a little closer next time

    This is incredible - I had no idea about so many of these, by the Chips Dubbo - WTF??

    Also I must get that Way of the Warrior game, unless that also RC in Australia


    You sir, deserve a pat on the back for this. It was so bloody funny I cracked up IRL.

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