Become A Millionaire With Facebook Monoopoly

Become A Millionaire With Facebook Monoopoly

The offline social game you play with your friends becomes the online social game you play with your friends with Monopoly Millionaires, the Facebook game where everybody gets their own Monopoly board.

Hasbro and EA have scattered Monopoly to the four corners of the gaming world, from the Xbox 360 to the Nintendo DS to mobile phones. Now Facebook gets its own version of the classic real estate board game, with a twist. See, because this is a social networking game, you play it by yourself. Somehow that makes sense.

Monopoly Millionaires gives you your own board to cultivate, purchasing property, making sure the power is on so you can generate rent money so you can purchase more property, forever growing your board into a work of colorful art that’s never quite finished.

The social aspect kicks in when you visit your friends’ Monopoly Millionaire boards. Once there you roll dice (with a set number of rolls available per experience level), collect property, take chances, and even go directly to jail, which bans you from playing that board for three minutes.

So it’s a FarmVille/Monopoly hybrid, only your board is your farm and other players’ farms are much more entertaining than yours is.

It’s a far cry from the traditional board game, but then playing the board game always puts me to sleep, so that’s probably a good thing.

Check out Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook.

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