Billy Mitchell Opens An Arcade

Billy Mitchell, who supplied every villainous stereotype short of twirling his mustache in "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters," has opened an arcade at Orlando's airport under the film's branding - with good guy Steve Weibe gracing the entrance.

The King of Kong branding on Mitchell's arcade probably means everyone's aboard with it, which means the Mitchell-Wiebe rivalry has evolved into some kind of amicable relationship. As well it should, the two are more famous together, thanks to the 2007 documentary, which made Wiebe the face and Mitchell the heel, than they are apart.

Notably, Mitchell's arcade does not have a Donkey Kong machine - perhaps to keep someone (Hank Chien?) from beating the record in his own establishment. Others have complained about the arcade's lack of classic titles. Thematically, there should be all the 1980s arcade hits in there. But this is an airport business appealing to folks who may have never seen the movie. Newer machines bring in more money.

Mitchell's arcade, as you can see in this video, features a couple of Dead Heat cabinets, Terminator Salvation, two Super Bikes 1 setups, an Avatar pinball machine, plus an air hockey table and Aliens Extermination.

Next time you fly to Orlando International Airport - it's the home of Disney World, and a hub for AirTran - check it out.

Billy Mitchell Opens the King of Kong Arcade [Arcade Heroes]


    It seems a little short sighted to not have at least one Donkey Kong machine in there. If it wasn't for DK, we probably wouldn't even know who these guys were!

    Theres hope for arcades in the west yet - maybe...

    tiny arcade is tinyyy

      It's in an airport dude. You work with what you got (plus the rent in airports is HUUUUGE)

    Did anyone else expected to see a DK machine in that tiny little arcade? What the hell, its called King of Kong Arcade but theres no DK machine wtf?

    Here I was expecting something like Flynn's Arcade with all its oldschool titles but it's basically an airport Galaxy World.

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