Boy Screams As He Is Locked In An Invisible Prison

Griefing. The act of undermining another's online gaming experience. It's usually a dirty word, one associated with cretins and assholes. Yet when applied to the right target, it can also be associated with great things.

This is Garry's Mod. It's a PC "game" based on Valve's Source Engine, and lets people run around just... doing stuff with stuff to their heart's content. Most of the time that means building incredible contraptions, but in this case, it means tormenting a very angry young boy by locking him inside a glass prison.

Don't ask yourself "why didn't the kid just reset his connection?" Because if he had, we wouldn't have been able to watch this, and our days would all have been a little darker.


    My brother works for Steam, have fun getting banned.


    That's funny man.


    They had better watch out, his brother works for steam.

    just..... lol

    Ah, awesome.



    i also heard his brothers bigger than them, and hes like going to beat them up


    i bet he's the kid who goes super-nova in the supermarket when his mom refuses to buy him cheesy-poofs. man i so want to slap him.

    That kids sounds like something from the exorcist lol

    What the heck is that thump noise? The sound of him hitting his desk? it sounds very.. "retro monster stomping around".

      I think he's smashing his keyboard on the desk... an unfortunate sacrifice for an amusing cause.


    If only he knew you only have to type "death" or whatever into the console and you respawn somewhere else...


    Thatis the greatest thing I have ever seen on the Information Super Highway.


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