Boys’ Beyblade Bathtub Breakage Begets EBay Bailout

Boys’ Beyblade Bathtub Breakage Begets EBay Bailout

At first blush, you might think the older kid on the left is faking the tears. But at right, one sees only the authentic, thousand-yard stare of a younger brother caught up in more trouble than he can possibly imagine.

These two have lost their entire collection of Beyblades, the spinning-top toy based on the Japanese manga series of the same name. The boys were using the family bathtub as a Beyblade arena. The combat destroyed the tub’s enamel, took “a chunk of tub out,” and demolished the soap dish. So the Beyblades will be sold to compensate for the loss.

The boys’ piggy-bank account of $US125.67 will also be liquidated to help pay for the $US500 repair, with the Beyblades auction covering whatever’s left. As of now, the lot of eight is up to $US69.

Again, look at those guys. Two contrasting expressions, but both betray the stark childhood terror of having destroyed something far more complex than they can fix or lie about, and more expensive than they can pay for. Plus, at that age, breaking any bathroom fixture is utterly terrifying. I’m remembering my best friend Richard, who accidentally flushed a Sandpeople action figure down the commode, and the trauma of the ensuing repair. From an email Richard sent me 10 years ago:

I walked by the bathroom and discovered that the entire toilet had been unbolted from the floor. I figured I should run away from home or something. It’s downright frightening to see a small circular hole in the floor where your toilet is supposed to be, and to see your toilet leaning up against the bathtub … Dad goes to work on the hole in the floor, and I keep imagining him unclogging some sort of shit geyser, with crap spraying out of the floor like he’d struck oil.

That same fear is what’s going on in the mind of the little boy with the bowl cut at right.

Selling 8 Beyblades to Replace DESTROYED Bathtub [eBay, thanks to all who sent this in]


  • the bid is at $999,999 … wtf??? 1 million dollars for 8 bayblades… i’ll sell my yugioh cards for 100 bucks if anyones up for it.

  • It got posted on 4chan and the price has bounced between $125 – $999999 all day as ebay deleted fake bids pretty quickly.

  • Last I checked the original listing was removed and a new one put up with the latest bid at 120 something bucks I think it was. No idea what it is now.

  • We all talk shit about he-man, transformers and the 80’s GIJOE as being cartoons made to sell toys, but you gotta admitt that beyblades takes the cake and turns it up to 11.

  • Didn’t know Beyblades were still around… I also wouldn’t think they would be strong enough to break a bathtub 😛

    • The mother purchased them the very expensive Metal Beyblades used in Japanese tournaments.

      Believe it or not, but they have Gyro-thingo’s and what not…gets scientific.

      • Come to think of it, even the standard ones my friends and I had back in late primary school packed a punch because of the metal rings they had inside them.

        My friend once gained a rather nasty bruised ankle thanks to an unwieldy mid-air launch by me. lol

      • I always stuck with the plastic ones, most of the time, I won… mainly due to the fact that mine was modded to spin the other way… and the points turned the other way too >:D

  • If I had the money I’d buy them and give them back to the kids and tell them not to play with them in the bath. As it wasn’t intentional. Gee some parents can be complete dicks!

    • I’m guessing you’re not a parent. Maybe the kids were told repeatedly not to do this? That’s very likely? A punishment like this stands out as a last resort. God some judgmental tb’ers are dicks!

  • I’m pretty sure the kid is not crying so much for the “sheer horror of having broken something beyond his imagination” but rather because having to part with his beloved toys (and money).

  • I caused similar damage to my childhood bath with Hot Wheels cars. But after the first chip off the enamel, I decided the game should end.

    Damn it was fun though!

  • Honestly, most adults wouldn’t imagine a simple spinning toy would be enough to destroy a bathtub, in fact it almost appears the best option – enclosed, so nothing gets knocked over, the sides curl up forcing them back in if it gets unwieldy and tries to head out.

    Only way this could be seen as remotely fair is if they’d done it previously and seen the enamel stripped from it.

  • look at the poor kids, they are not crying cus they broke the bath , they r crying cus you took their beyblades, you do not no how much beyblade means to them!!!

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