Bulletstorm Has A Red Ring Of Death (Joke)

The people over at Team Lag were playing Bulletstorm and found a red ring of death. Remember that? It was the notorious signal that your Xbox 360 was one towel-wrap away from complete failure.

I don't have the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Anyone know if the RROD is in that game too? Or does that game instead have lots of hilarious in-game firmware updates?

BulletStorm - RROD Easter Egg [YouTube]


    That is hilarious, though I kinda wish that they hadn't told everyone, especially since it is right at the start, and isn't really a difficult to find easter egg.


    PC version will have the door terminal BSOD?

    dammit, thats the last clip i'm wathcing until i play the game!!!

    still very amusing though :P

    The ps3 version has the same rrod. I noticed it while playing yesterday.

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