Bulletstorm’s PC Demo On The Way – After It Releases

Bulletstorm’s PC Demo On The Way – After It Releases

Bulletstorm got a pre-release demo on the Xbox 360 and PS3. “In other news, PC gamers are grumpy about this,” Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski tweeted last month. Well, Bulletstorm will get a PC demo, but after its release. In other news, PC gamers are probably grumpy about this.

Epic’s Mark Rein tweeted that the Bulletstorm PC demo “should be available shortly after” the game’s release on Tuesday.

The game is, quite obviously, heavily marketed to the Xbox 360 over all other platforms. The Gears of War 3 beta invitation included in Bulletstorm’s “Epic Edition” is a big hype driver. Nice to see all constituencies finally served here, but, yeah, a post-release demo isn’t much to de-grumpify the PC bloc.

Bulletstorm PC Demo In The Works – Better Late Than Never [Hot Blooded Gaming]


  • This is the dumbest thing ever. People are going to pirate it to try it our instead of waiting for the demo and Epic are going to act like it’s the pirates’ fault if the PC version does poorly. And meanwhile they’re just pretending the game hasn’t been available on PS3 and 360 for days…

    • Dumb comment. They heard PC fans speak out and have done what was asked of them. While it’s not ideal to have it after release its certainly not the first time a PC demo has come later.

      This way those undecided about the game can play the demo and check out the reviews.

      People who are going to pirate it will pirate it reguardless of whether or not there is a demo available. Stop trying to use a publisher to justify your cheapness. Don’t assume Epic would blame anybody but themselves if the PC version does poorly, either. Theres nothing to suggest that is what they would do.

      All in all your post was dumb reactionary drivel.

      • PC gamers shouldn’t have had to demand it, if you give it to the consoles they should give the demo to us

        the fact is they release the demo on console for those who might be able to access it there in the hopes that they will buy it for the console instead

        The Fact is that when people are confronted with download X Gb for a Demo or at the same time can Download X+Y Gb for the full games(and in some case theres not much difference due to the way its packaged)there gonna download the full game anyways especially on PC as you can then just buy a CD-key off the net and you’ve already got the game installed

        As for Reading Reviews. Have fun most of the so called PC reviews on the internet are just slightly reworded versions of the console ones. Hell i read one the other day that said you pull the left trigger to do “Blah” in a PC review and i’m pretty sure my computer don’t have no triggers

        The Release of a Demo after retail release is either them being lazy, having poor confidence in the product on PC or trying to get sales on the consoles instead

        And thats not to mention the fact that both the 360 and PS3 copies have been avaliable for a couple of days now for piracy

        • Really? Are you actually saying that because one format got a prerelease demo, you somehow deserve to get one too? How utterly childish.

          What you fail to realise is that developing a demo in the middle of development of the full game takes resources away from said game development. Xbox 360 is obviously their major target market (whether you like it or not), so they pulled away some resources at that point to produce a demo in an effort to increase both awareness and sales for their product.

          Secondly, after hearing complaints from PC gamers, Epic then chose to take resources out to produce a PC demo (which isn’t as simple as copying and pasting the 360 code, despite what people may think) for a market that isn’t their target one, and for a market that seems to think that using the argument “the full game is only a few GBs more, so I might as well pirate it” is a valid one.

          This mentality is one of the reasons why previously PC-centric developers have moved towards console development being a priority. Why bend over backwards for a market that complains about your every move, and then pirates the game regardless? And sure, you can make the argument that console versions are also being pirated, but not anywhere near same extent as PC games are (even with the current PS3 security issues). Most publishers/developers still stand to make money on console versions of games, which is why they continue to make console development a priority. Simple as that.

    • Well, yeah, but that’s because the console owners already know thanks to their demo (and have probably already downloaded the leaked versions of the game, the lucky bastards).

  • Developers keep blaming piracy for bad sales but they have to realise it’s this sort of crap they keep pulling that put PC gamers off giving them money as well. It’s bad enough the game is regionally priced on Steam, this isn’t exactly incentive for me to buy the game either.

    • As insignificant as it seems, the price of Bulletstorm (and Crysis 2 for that matter) appear to be US$10 more in the AU version of the Steam store.
      Based off the Steam comparison Greasemonkey script:
      US: $59.99
      UK: £29.99 (19% lower)
      EU: 49,99€ (14% higher)
      AU: $69.99 USD (17% higher)

      I agree that this is still a significant mark-up.

  • I have to laugh at the fact that piracy can be brought into any conversation or news item.

    There is still no excuse. Pirates are still criminals.

  • The F*** guys? PC games get a lot of post release demos. How about Starcraft 2 for one? Dawn of war 2? So much asspain..

    • Star Craft 2 and Dawn of War 2 were PC only games, what does it have to do with consoles getting a pre-release demo for a multiplatform game? Shouldn’t all platforms (including PC) have the demo at the same time?

      • I believe all platforms should get an identical demo at the same time. I’m only pointing out that demos frequently come out on PC post-release, even exclusives. I don’t agree with it but they’re making the cash off consoles (but mostly off that Gears 3 beta invite, like MoH’s BF3 invite). Epic Games have pretty much disowned the PC, that’s been incredibly obvious over the years. After making Gears 2+3 exclusive to the 360 I would think most of us are desensitised to punishment. At least we got a demo, even if we probably won’t get Bulletstorm 2. But hey, after trying the PS3 demo, it wouldn’t be such a tragic loss.

  • And in other news, yet another developer goes out of their way to belittle a market they forget they owe their current success to.

  • Guys, not every pc gamer pirates. Last time i checked, you could pirate on consoles as well. it might not be as easy, but altogether throwing one platform on the backburner because some people make that decision doesn’t seem fair on the people who do legitimately buy games.

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