Buying A 3DS Without A Pre-Order Is A Beautiful Thing

Buying A 3DS Without A Pre-Order Is A Beautiful Thing

The lines for the Nintendo 3DS didn’t start this morning. No, many of them started last night. Those who waited in line were most likely able to snag a 3DS. Those who simply waited probably weren’t as lucky.

Besides the 3DS, a set of Kamen Rider medallions went on sale today. These are extremely popular at the moment with little kids and even some adults. Check out this video to see the medals in action. A new set of Beyblade toys also went on sale.

Akihabara 3DS launch photos courtesy of Kotaku Japan.


  • Why doesn’t Japan do pre-orders again? Forcing thousands of customers to bunch up like sardines in lines and stalls seems a bit strange. Why not just dole out tickets like at the butcher and call them out? And simply sell the ones that don’t show up?

  • @Steve

    It’s all marketing isn’t.

    They want a desperate bunch clambering for a 3DS, rather than a smaller orderly queue…

    …thank goodness I live in the more sensible UK.

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